5 Must-Try Bakeries in Melbourne

Melbourne's bakeries don't receive as much attention as our coffee, but they deserve to! Pair the two and you’ll create a match made in heaven.

Tarts with crisp shells. Light, airy yet moist cakes. If you’re into pastries and desserts as much as I am, you’d know that Melbourne isn’t only home to the world’s best croissant. I’ve compiled a list of bakeries in Melbourne that must be on your radar.

1. Lune Croissanterie

It’s no surprise to anyone that Lune is on the list of the best bakeries in Melbourne. Lune is no stranger to anyone. The New York Times reviewed it as the world’s best croissant so there’s no doubt you have to make it there. Lune tempts you to return ever so often too, coming up with seasonal flavours such as the Persian Love Cake croissant made especially for Mother’s Day. Their menu is extensive enough that you feel inclined to return to try everything on there.

2. Candied Bakery

I got introduced to Candied Bakery in my first year in Melbourne when someone brought brownies to class. I reached for one and my life changed forever. Not even kidding, I took a low-quality picture of my half-eaten brownie to yell at my friends that “I JUST HAD THE BEST BROWNIE IN MY LIFE”. It’s not the gooey, chocolatey sort you might have expected – the game-changer lies in the crust. They say it’s pretzel-crusted but it’s sweet so it’s probably a blend of other things as well. The hint of saltiness and crunch from the crust balances how decadent and sweet the brownie is. The rest of the desserts never disappoint too, though nothing stands out like the brownie (the candied pie is a close second).


3. Agathé Pâtisserie

I stumbled upon Agathé when I was at my favourite place – South Melbourne Market. It’s slightly out of the city but not that within reach so I feel as though I’m taking a quick breather every time I’m there. Agathé is slightly different from Lune, I feel, and I’d even go to the extent to say that their pain au chocolat is better than Lune’s. This is just my personal preference but Agathé’s is chewy, buttery and I can actually have all the contents mashed well in my mouth. Lune’s croissants are super crispy and flaky and that’s great for a plain croissant but I prefer having a bit more of a bite to my pain au chocolat so Lune’s doesn’t allow the chocolate to have a good ‘base’ to be paired with if that makes sense. Their croissants can be a tad on the oilier side too, so it’s really up to your preferences but their canelés and other pastries are really good too.


4. Tivoli Road Bakery

You’ll only be spoiled for choices here. I don’t have a specific item that I’m mad about – it’s everything. The canelé is dense and packs a punch in all its tiny glory with a crisp crust and smooth custard centre. Their sourghdough is chewy and comes in all sorts of flavours. Between olive, soy with linseed, fig, pistachio and brie, I can’t even pick my favourite. They do a variety of galettes too, often seasonal specials so you can’t help but get an extra pastry.

5. Beatrix

Beatrix is a tiny bakery but it sure punches over its weight in quality of cakes and various other baked goods. The red velvet slice is incredibly moist yet still maintaining its fluffiness. The buttercream layers don’t overpower it, resulting in a perfectly balanced sweet treat. The carrot cake also uses hazelnuts rather than walnuts or pecans, a different touch that works well. Although, I would have preferred more taste of the spices. Still pretty solid though, and the fact that they often sell out hours before the closing time (or maybe I’m just really unlucky) only further proves my point. This has to be one of my favorite bakeries in Melbourne!

Let me know which bakery you went and what you got in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqvVMOzFNIs/
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