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20 Mistakes Every University of Melbourne Freshman Makes In The First Week

20 Mistakes Every University of Melbourne Freshman Makes In The First Week

Don't let the nerves or excitement get to you though, take care to avoid these freshman mistakes at the University of Melbourne!

Freshmen Anxiety is real. We all wish we have friends we know in our classes already so that we’re not alone in figuring things out in a new environment. If you have someone already, that’s great. But if you don’t, and that’s usually the case, fret not, I’m here to help. Here are the mistakes that you will most likely make in the first week of being at the University of Melbourne – along with everyone else.

1. Not Doing Your Readings Before Class

Your readings are usually posted at least a week before school officially starts. You’re expected to have read through the first week’s material if that’s the case so check your blackboard! Some of you might not have tutorials in the first week but it doesn’t mean you should show up unprepared for your lectures too.


2. Skipping Your Tutorials or Lectures Since It’s The First Week

No. You might argue that it’s only introductions. Still, showing up and making a good impression count. Even if your professor won’t remember you, this might kickstart a bad habit of skipping classes and you don’t want that.

3. Signing Up for 8 am Classes

Unless you’re pretty sure you’re a morning person. Otherwise, it will only backfire in the following weeks.

4. Signing Up for Late Afternoon Classes

Unless you really have no choice, don’t. It’s a time for napping. I’ve tried many times and always failed.


5. Going for Every Single Club Event

It’s impossible – you’ll only drain yourself out. Choose a few and plan your time well.

6. Contemplate Not Attending Lectures because of LectureCapture

At the University of Melbourne, Most lectures will be recorded so you think it’s a good idea to not show up physically because doing it online is better – you can slow the speed down or speed it up and that is better for note taking, you say. It most definitely sounds like the best option but it’s not. Eventually you’ll get lazy and not watch them. It’s better to show up physically. Besides, if you were the one speaking, you would like a crowded room right?


7. Not Choosing Another Class Time Slot Because You Want to Cramp All Your Classes into 2 Days

Maybe you don’t like this tutor’s teaching style but you refuse to switch to another time slot with another tutor because of convenience’s sake. Don’t do it. You’re here for the grades, not to make your life easier.

8. Buying All the Course Materials

This varies for each module. Typically, the compulsory materials will be posted on your blackboard with specific instructions to get them before class. In some cases though, some tutors might not want to use the materials listed, or they might dish the deets that it’s available in an online library – you never know, so try to look around before buying everything and wasting your money.

9. Buying Your Course Materials at Full Price

There’s gumtree, carousell, plenty of online platforms. Most students would want to get some of their money back so they’d sell their books online – they might even have notes in them! Alternatively, the school co-op has second-hand ones as well. Why spend when you can save?


10. Trying to Befriend Everyone You See

This will not only drain you out, but sometimes it might be futile. Some people might change their time slots or even the modules. Sometimes half of the people you see in the first week at the University of Melbourne might just all be gone when you come back in your second week.

11. Offering to Do Everything

Don’t be a try-hard. People don’t like that. Especially so in your dorms, your roomies might take you for granted and start leaving the dirty dishes in the sink if they think you’re going to do it for them since you did it in your first week.

12. Buying Too Many Things And Crowding Your Room

Minimalism is the way to go. We all know how small our dorm rooms can get. I moved after my first year and realised I had plenty of things I didn’t need so just shop carefully.


13. Borrowing Too Many Books And Overwhelming Yourself

You might be eager to learn new things but more often than not, your readings already take up a fair bit of your time. Don’t overwhelm yourself and think that you have to get ahead of class.


14. Not Checking The Locations of Your Back-to-Back Classes

Guilty as charged. I sprinted across campus and was still late 10 minutes. You’re probably not familiar with the buildings as well, give yourself more time to find your classroom.

15. Not Checking Your University of Melbourne E-Mail

You might be swamped but more often than not, you will have emails informing you about changes or details about your classes so check your email frequently. You wouldn’t want to show up to class and realise it’s been moved to somewhere else!


16. Not Collecting Your Student Card

You need to apply online for it, and then bring some identification to collect it. It completely slipped my mind when I was a freshman and I couldn’t get around some places without my University of Melbourne card.

17. Thinking You Can Get By Yourself

Everyone needs a friend. It might take some time to find one but don’t despair! It would seriously make a whole lot of difference if you had someone you can count on. If you can’t find anyone, remember that you can also reach out to your tutors! Jot their emails down in your first tutorial, you’ll definitely need it.

18. Hiding In Your Room Too Much

You might think it’s paramount that you focus on your studies. It is, but you need to let loose too. Go for some club activities or hit the gym.


19. Not Bringing Snacks Around

You never know when you might have not have access to any food stores. Your classes might not be in campus so you might not have food readily available, or your back-to-back classes are too far from one another you have no time to grab lunch. Trust me, you don’t want to have your stomach making noises in class.

20. Burning Out In The First Week

It’s difficult and different for everyone. I can’t tell you how to act entirely but I hope this list helps! Take your time and choose your friends and classes wisely. Always, always take time out for yourself when it gets too much. You still have 11 schooling weeks to go, pace yourself well!


Are you a University of Melbourne (Unimelb) freshman and have any mistakes that I left out? Let me know in the comments!

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