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Melbourne Smoothie Places You Must Try

Melbourne Smoothie Places You Must Try

There are a lot of Melbourne smoothie places. Smoothies have become an extremely popular go-to beverage for the busy lifestyles that many of us lead. You can compact a lot of good into a single smoothie, so they’re convenient that way. Let’s take a look at some places you must try.

Tropicana Juice/Food Bar

This place lets you know how serious it is about fruit right from the get-go. The outside is covered with oranges. The place is an establishment at this point, having been open for over 15 years. You know it, it’s the orange place. They pride themselves on using fresh produce, with no artificial colours or preservatives. 

The menu offers straight-up juices (the Cold Buster will go down well now), smoothies (there may be some here that you won’t find anywhere else), raw blends, drinks and food bowls based on the Acai berry, quinoa salad bowls, and breakfast options such as eggs benedict, toast, and ham and cheese croissants. It’s the landmark of Melbourne smoothie places and is located on Elizabeth Street.


Hunter’s Roots

Nourishing, sustaining, and uncompromising on flavour. That’s how the folks at Hunter’s Roots, a wholefoods cafe, describe their food and smoothies. The menu is constantly changing due to their commitment to seasonality and sustainability. The smoothie options are select but like the previous entry, they are fairly unique options, like the Nutbush City, which includes almond butter, brazil nuts, coconut ice cream, and almond milk.

This place gives bang for your buck with regard to food variety, making it a strong entry on the Melbourne smoothie places list. Access it at Katherine’s place via Flinders Street.



A slightly unorthodox entry on our Melbourne smoothie places list, as it’s specialty are the popular Asian bubble teas. Without needing to stretch the definition of a smoothie, as they do make those here, I can place this on the list with confidence. Because those teas and smoothies are damn good. It’s located in Footscray, where there’s no shortage of bubble tea places. This one keeps the prices low and the quality high.

There’re a large variety of drinks available – bubble teas, ice fruit teas, mojitos, hot teas, smoothies, and crushes. The most popular drinks are probably the standard pearl milk tea and the Tiger fresh milk. Located on Leeds Street.



Smoothme Superfood Bar

These smoothies are 100% plant-based and refined sugar-free. They offer vegan-friendly and gluten-free options.  Along with smoothies they offer smoothie bowls, smoothies with more chunkiness to them that you eat with a spoon and can add topping onto. Some of the most delectable smoothie options are Berried Alive and Happy Lil Hazlenut. There are also fresh juices and hot drinks, such as the Matcha or Chai Latte.

There’s a  superfood smoothie range – each promoting a different health benefit(same with the smoothie bowls). For instance, Greengo is an energy hit with a ton of fibre, Hello Beautiful helps with healthy skin and hair, and Macho Man boosts protein and repairs muscle.

During the winter you can get warm smoothie bowls, toasties, soup, and spiced cacao. They also have grab and go options like bagels and raw desserts. 



This one’s tailor-made for gym junkies and work-out-aholics. They specialise in protein shakes. They encourage you to go no matter what your lifestyle is, as their goal is to get more people to attain a balanced diet.  The shakes are divided between standard, super, and power. Given the focus on protein, these babies are always filling. If you like peanut butter as much as I do, you’ll be happy here as it’s in a bunch of the shakes here.

Will you go to these Melbourne smoothie places and give them a try? Regale us with your experiences in the comments!

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