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10 Melbourne Food Trucks You Need To Check Out

10 Melbourne Food Trucks You Need To Check Out

These Melbourne food trucks are ones you can't miss. Melbourne is known for fantastic food and hot cafes. These Melbourne food trucks are a foodies dream
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Melbournians love our food trucks, there’s just something about a kitchen on wheels that delights us, especially when we’re after a late night feed. Below you’ll find ten Melbourne food trucks that you absolutely have to hit up next time you’re craving a food truck feed.

1. TCT Grills

These guys are a great all rounder. The food’s cheap and delicious, wait times are short and the guys are always up for some friendly banter. Serving sizes are generous and you can grab your kebab or HSP exactly how you like it.
You can normally find them hanging out at the KP Hardiman reserve on Plenty Rd in Kingsbury but you can also book them for private events.

2. The La Trobe Donut Van

Everyone loves a good jam donut and on Thursday some of the most amazing ones roll into La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus.


3. Mr Burger

Burgers, shakes, chips and American soda, Mr Burger has it all. They’ve got physical stores as well as their trucks and even a cute little website with live tracking so you can always ‘find a burger’.

4. The Art of Fried Chicken

Just good, down to earth, fried chicken.
Parked at the St Kilda Esplanade Market at the time of writing.

5. Pasta Face

Currently based at the Royal Melbourne Show, Pasta Face provides exactly what you’d expect from the name. They’re the first specialist pasta truck in Melbourne and they do it damn well.


6. Fat Sheep

Traditional lamb skewers, yum.
Currently set up at the Paddock to Plate event at the Preston Food Truck Park.

7. American Doughnut Kitchen

Fresh, delicious jam donuts down at the QV Market, need I say more?


8. Actually, any food truck at the QV Market

You essentially can’t go wrong with anything on offer.


9. Nuts About Tella

Nutella, everywhere… EVERYWHERE!

10. Crepes for Change

Last but not least, this not for profit crepe van will provide you with some delicious desserts and the knowledge that your purchase is helping those less fortunate.

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I’ve tried to include a good mix of cuisines and areas but I’m always open to hearing about new places to hit up for a feed so let me know about your favourite Melbourne food trucks in the comments.
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