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10 Mardi Gras Costumes So Original That Will Make You Turn Heads

10 Mardi Gras Costumes So Original That Will Make You Turn Heads

10 Mardi Gras Costumes So Original That Will Make You Turn Heads

Mardi Gras signifies the best time of the year has arrived! It is a time to be proud, feel safe, show pride and fight for equality for all. A fun-loving celebration of ALL people, the costumes people wear to this event are just as diverse as those who attend. Here are 10 Mardi Gras costumes so original that they will make you turn heads.

1. A Marriage Certificate

Available online are many different templates for marriage certificates. Their uniqueness is a great metaphor for how varied love is and why this is something we should celebrate and not shun. Wearing a Mardi Gras costume that is an interpretation of a marriage certificate is not only one way you will turn heads, it also is a great way to make a statement. We all deserve to marry those whom we love.

2. Piglet

Many of us who will attend Mardi Gras this year grew up watching Winnie The Pooh. What we didn’t realise at the time was the representation that was present in the show we all enjoyed. Piglet, one of the main characters is completely androgynous. The debate continues surrounding whether or not Piglet is a boy or girl, we need to stop debating this and accept that Piglet identifies as neither, which is perfectly ok! This is a great Mardi Gras costume for those of you who do not want to identify as anything in particular but still want to turn heads!


3. Cher

Do you believe in life after love? Cher has been a longstanding ally and icon for the LGBTQI+ community and due to her racy and often uncommon fashion decisions she makes for great inspiration for Mardi Gras costumes. You can either dress as Cher herself or take inspiration from the bold fashion choices she made and make a look all of your own. This will see you turn heads for sure and even make some friends!

4. Glitter Galore

Mardi Gras costumes that include glitter in any way will see you turn heads. Glitter is a great opportunity to design your own costume, making you unique and seeing you stand out. It can also be a lot of fun to design a costume using glitter, get some friends together and make a night of it. Without a doubt you’ll be finding glitter in your hair and on your belongings for weeks, but this world needs some more reasons to smile and glitter is one way to do just that.

5. Ru Paul

Since the emergence of Ru Paul’s Drag Race on television, the art of drag has increased in popularity. Ru Paul serves as inspiration for many that are apart of the LGBTQI+ community. This Mardi Gras make your Mardi Gras costumes Ru Paul inspired. Embrace your inner drag queen and have fun with the look. Drag is so diverse that anything goes and many will commend you for your look, you’ll turn heads for sure.


6. Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach is a now retired, American soccer player. She is married to activist Glennon Doyle and is a passionate speaker for equal pay and equality for women and those who are apart of the gay community. Not only is Abby Wambach an ally but she regularly rallies for important social issues making her an inspiration. Mardi Gras costumes inspired by Abby Wambach show the importance of equality and the relevance of women in sport. Abby Wambach is the highest-goal-scorer for the American international soccer team and if you dress as Abby this Mardi Gras you will stand out for sure and also convey an important message.

7. Yourself

Perhaps the most important Mardi Gras costume is feeling safe enough to attend dressed simply as yourself, no flamboyant costume required. It is completely acceptable to attend in your normal clothes. When others see you confidently there, without the need for a costume they will stand with you and you will turn heads purely because you are giving others permission to also be themselves.


8. Feathers

Otherwise if you want to embrace the opportunity this festival brings and put together Mardi Gras costumes that are bold, feathers are a great accessory. They will set you apart from the crowd and add unlikeness to your look, allowing you to turn heads confident in your efforts. Feathers are easy to use and a simple way to enhance your costume.

9. A Married Couple

Similarly to the Marriage Certificate option from earlier, attending as a married couple is a great way to stand in solidarity, showing how proud you are to love your partner and to turn heads. Many attendee’s will respect you for your Mardi Gras costumes and you will have great fun acting as those the event is in fact your wedding day or reliving the wedding you’ve already had.


10. In Purple, Green or Gold

The ‘official’ colours for Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold. By dressing in these colours, you make your Mardi Gras costumes stand out from the crowd. It is also a cost-effective way to enhance your costume, it is something you can wear again – unlike the glitter and features suggested earlier. This is a great option for those of you wanting to be low-key but still fun in what you’re wearing.

Are you attending your local Mardi Gras event this year? What are you planning to wear? Did you find these suggestions helpful, what would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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