15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Adelaide

If it is Japanese food that you're craving look no further! From takeaway sushi to formal dining, these are the best Japanese restaurants in Adelaide!
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Japanese food is one of my favourites, so I’ve definitely tried out more than a couple of the restaurants around town. Whether you’re feeling like some fresh sushi or warm, hearty ramen, here are 15 of the best Japanese restaurants in Adelaide!

15 of the best Japanese restaurants in Adelaide!

1. Ajisen Ramen (Leigh Street or Regent Arcade, Rundle Mall)

Ajisen Ramen is a cute little restaurant with great quality food at very good prices. If you don’t want to spend too much on dinner, check this one out. The Agedashi Tofu bento box is my favourite.


2. Ryo’s Noodles (Gouger Street)

Ryo’s is a cool, but casual restaurant with great ramen. You can give their ramen eating challenge a go if you’re feeling hungry!

 3. Himeji Ramen and Izakaya (Grote Street)

Himeji has a very extensive menu and great drinks as well. It is a more upmarket option for ramen as well as sushi and other good-quality Japanese dishes!



4. Hotaru Japanese Restaurant (Gouger Street)

Hotaru is a small restaurant with a simple, traditional feel. It is something a bit different with great sushi, and it’s not too busy.




5. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant (Gouger Street)

Matsuir has both a seated dining area and a traditional Japanese seating room. The staff wears kimonos which gives off a really fun vibe. The servings are VERY generous. Get a bento box and try out some new dishes!


6. Sushi Bar Genki (Gouger Street)

This is one of the best sushi places in Adelaide! This sushi train restaurant has heaps of options, fresh ingredients, and best of all – every seat has a personal iPad which you use to order, which makes it really fun!


7. Gyoza Gyoza Bar (Gouger Street)

Gyoza is a modern, funky restaurant/bar with tapas-style dishes. You can try a variety of dishes without spending too much money. Of course, the gyoza (dumplings) are the restaurant’s specialty, and they even have dessert gyoza with red bean!

8. Wasai Japanese Kitchen (Field Street)

Wasai gets very busy, so you’re best off booking a table. They have great quality sushi and other classic dishes with fresh ingredients straight from the nearby markets. A nice casual option for a good meal.



9. Sushi Planet (West Terrace)

Sushi Planet is a very cool and modern restaurant that is really popular. They have vegan options, quinoa sushi and other traditional sushi options.




10. Simply Sushi (Jetty Road)

Simply Sushi is one of my go-to’s for sushi cravings. In beach-side Glenelg, the food here is always fresh, delicious, and the owner is really friendly. Because it’s a sushi train, you always end up eating way too much, but you always leave satisfied! They also do takeaway to curb that craving.


11. Ginza Miyako (North Terrace, within the Stamford Plaza Hotel)

Ginza is definitely not a cheap option, but if you want to go all out or celebrate an event, it is worth it! The décor is traditional Japanese and very classy. Their menu combines Japanese and French cuisine, so you’ll find fun twists on Japanese dishes – like the Matcha Tirimasu or roasted duck with gyoza dumplings. They also have the classics like sushi, sashimi and tempura.




12. Mimasu (King William Street)

A funky, modern restaurant located on the ground floor of Adelaide’s tallest residential building, Mimasu is a new restaurant offering Japanese fusion. Try dishes like blue crab miso soup, prawns with green tea salt or yuzu meringue tart. They also have great Japanese-inspired cocktails, such as the saketini or matcha mojito!




13. Nishiki Café and Izakaya (Sturt Street)

Nishiki is a  fun, cozy café/restaurant specializing in charcoal grilled dishes. You can get traditional options like grilled squid or yakitori (chicken skewers), alongside the classic sushi, karaage and takoyaki options.


14. Genki Roll (Adelaide Central Plaza in Rundle Mall)

Craving Japanese food but want to keep it cheap and super casual? Genki Roll in the food court below David Jones has REALLY good takeaway sushi. You also have to try the green tea soft serve ice cream!



15. Matcha House, currently closed, relocating and re-opening end of 2017

One of my favourite places while it was open, Matcha House was quiet and cozy with a traditional bamboo-floored area with obligatory slippers to wear. They had fun dessert options such as matcha latte, matcha soft-serve sundae and green tea waffles. They are re-opening at the end of this year! So if you’re around, definitely give it a visit.

Though it’s one of the smaller Australian cities, Adelaide has a huge variety of places to fix that Japanese-food craving. From great takeaway sushi to a more formal dining experience, the options are endless and the food is great quality, no matter where you go. Pick a classic dish or a fun fusion option, and pair it with a Japanese-inspired cocktail for something a bit different!

What are your favorite Japanese restaurants in Adelaide to go to!? Share in the comments below!

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