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If You Have These Item’s In Your Summer Wardrobe Then You’re A True Aussie

If You Have These Item’s In Your Summer Wardrobe Then You’re A True Aussie

Are you a true Aussie? Here's a checklist of true blue summer items every true Aussie would have in their summer wardrobe.

To all my True Aussies, summer has come to an end, but as you start preparing that winter wardrobe I think its time to reflect on your Aussie summer gear. I’ve put together a list of summer items that swamp Australian streets in summer, and if you have at least one, I think you can classify yourself a true Aussie.

Bucket Hat

The iconic bucket hat; they come in many colours and patterns and love to paint Australian beaches in the hot Aussie summer. Whether you started off wearing one when you were a little squirt, to purchasing one when you grew up. If you’ve worn one before or still have it surfacing in your summer wardrobe, then you are doing summer true Aussie style.



When the sun comes out so do the sunnies in Australia. Whether you’re off to the beach for a day in the sun or just heading down to the fish and chip shop for a seafood summer feast, if you’re sporting a pair of sunnies, whether they are glued to your face or just resting on your head, if they made it to your summer outfit, then you are a true Aussie.

Budgie Smuggler

Now, the budgie smuggler also known as the speedo makes an appearance on Australian shores every summer. So, if you have a pair of budgie smugglers that you still love to wear till the sun has faded every ounce of life out of them, well my Australian friend you are a true Aussie.


A Pair Of Thongs

The iconic true Aussie shoe, a pair of thongs, I mean who in Australia doesn’t own a pair of these comfy fashion idols. However, if you’re a true Aussie you know that thongs aren’t just meant to be worn to and from the beach, instead you can wear them with almost every summer outfit you put together. No matter If you’re going to the shops or to your friend’s house for a Saturday night backyard BBQ, if you have a pair of thongs on, then it’s safe to say you’re a true Aussie.

Straw Cork Hat

With the Australian summer heat comes many flies. So, what better time to pull out the good old straw cork hat. If you’ve made your way down an Australian beach you’re sure to spot one of these beauties, and if you own one yourself, well you’ve found the true Aussie way to shield yourself from the sun and wasp away those Aussie flys.


Short Shorts

Short shorts, whether black, denim, white, coloured, high waisted, ripped or ones that sit hugging the hips, Australian’s couldn’t escape a summer without these babies striking some sun. If you own a pair or five you can count yourself a true Aussie


A singlet Top

If you live in Australia you are sure to have a good old singlet top stashed away for the Australian summer. Singlet tops are an iconic Australian summer must have and us Australian’s love to wear them to many occasions, other than a day to the beach, from chucking them on shorts, skirts and on top of bathers an Australian summer without one seems impossible. So, if you love to pull off a singlet top, mate you’re a true Aussie.

Australian Flag Clothing, Shoes, Hats And Everything In-Between

You know what I’m talking about that Australian flag t-shirt you pull out to play a summer cricket game in, or that Australian flag printed bikinis with the matching Australian flag thongs to match. If you own at least one fashion item in your summer wardrobe that has the Australian flag printed on it, then you are a true Aussie, strutting the Australian streets true blue Aussie style.

There you have it my top Australian fashion items found in a true Aussie summer wardrobe. Think I have left an item out of the list, I would love to hear in the comment section below.

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