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How To Throw The Best Halloween Party

How To Throw The Best Halloween Party

Want to throw the best Halloween party? Here is how to make sure your Halloween party is the best. Halloween themed party decor is the absolute best! BOO!

There is nothing better that getting creative for a party, especially Halloween. There are so many DIY decorations, baking and theme ideas. Halloween is fast approaching and if you are in charge of throwing the best party on the best day of the year then keep on reading for my top tips. Here is how to throw the best Halloween party ever!

First Things First, Set A Theme.

Whether this is a horror movie theme, a zombie theme or a killer theme, you must put it on your invitations so people know what to go as. A theme sets the whole mood for the party. People can get creative with their costumes and have fun with it, so when people get to the party, everyones already in high spirits, get it? SPIRITS! BOO!


 The Location & The Spooky Decorations

Decide where you are going to have this party. Is it going to be at your house? a friends house? or even at a community hall? This is the most important part so you know what to write on invitations. Make sure you have permission from the owners first before sending them out. The next step is to make it look spooky! Get orange, black, brown even white streamers to put around the place. Orange and black balloons with faces drawn on them is really effective. You can even create a fake crime scene. Last year I use my dining table and placed pillows on it in the shape of a body. I then put a white sheet over it and used string to tie certain points tighter to look like a body shape. Use a smaller shaped pillow for the head though. Place candles around the body, if you use old sheets even putting some fake blood on the sheet. Get some crime tape and mark places on the wall, add some spooky music and your friends will be freaking out. My friends were so terrified it took them a good 5 minutes to touch the ‘body’ because they thought someone was actually under the sheet.


Spooky Moves

Music is very important. Without music your party will be dull and quiet. Creating a good playlist for your party will have everyone up on there feet dancing. Incorporate popular songs that everyone knows, some throwbacks to get everyone singing and dancing and even some old spooky favourites like Monster Mash. When people start arriving put on some eery music, like battling winds, or a squeaky door to set the tone for people entering.

Tasty Spooky Treats

If you go on Pinterest theres so many halloween treat recipes to choose from. My favourite is the halloween dip. I used this last year and it was a laugh! everyone loved it, Ill link it HERE. Halloween cake balls are also very popular, as well as cookies shaped like pumpkins or ghosts, the world is your oyster, get creative!




Lets Play A Game

Having little side show games livens up the party and lets everyone have a flashback of their childhood. My absolute favourite game for halloween is get a large bucket. Filling it with cooked spaghetti, watermelon, oil, small squares of uncooked potato, jelly, rubber spiders and rats, dog chew bones etc. You can really put anything in it, then cover it with a bin bag and cut a small slit in it, just enough space for a hand. Then ask your guests to fish out a spider or a rat, it will have them screaming! Another game apple bobbing but using a fork instead of your mouth or my absolute favourite, body parts using household objects. Ill link it HERE. Theres a poem that goes with it to really freak your friends and use a blind fold so it plays on their imagination. I dipped the body’ parts in jelly before handing them out, and trust me, you’ve never heard louder screams! It was hilarious.

If you’re not in playing games then defiantly have a line up of favourite Halloween movies. Some horror, like Saw or The Human Centipede, or perhaps some old school like Hocus Pocus or Nightmare On Elm Street, either way a mixture of good music, games or movies will have your guests leaving with a night full of amazing memories. Well gang, that’s all from me, have an amazing party, oh, and Happy Halloween!

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