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How To Pack For A Cruise

How To Pack For A Cruise

Here's how to pack for a cruise. These packing tips for a cruise will help you figure out what you need to bring. Here's a cruise packing list to help you!

Hello gang, hope everything is well. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love cruises. However, if you don’t know what to pack, never fear, because I am here to tell you what to pack and what not to pack on your journey across the seas. Cruises are luxury holidays, where you can enjoy the sunshine and have a cocktail by the pool. Doesn’t that just scream relaxing? I’ve actually just booked my next cruise for next year, so that’s what inspired me to create this article. Essentially it helps me, to help you! Now, lets get onto the packing! Here’s how to pack for a cruise!

Things to pack for the plane.

So in order to get to the port to sail away on your relaxing cruise, you may need to catch a plane. Cruises usually leave from Sydney or Brisbane, so being here in Adelaide, I will need to fly to Sydney. However long your flights may be, its important to still have fun and entertain yourself. So packing your phone, iPad or laptop where you can watch a movie, listen to music or even read a book. Packing some snacks will also keep you satisfied, and may even save you some money. Stores at the airport usually bump up their prices because they know travel-goers will want snacks and a drink. So go to your local grocery store beforehand and pick up some trail mix, chocolate, some dried fruit and a bottle of water. You will thank me later!

Down To The Real Nitty Gritty

When I went on my first cruise, I had no idea what to pack! Turns out I packed too much, whats new? However I have refined my packing skills and here to help. So depending on how long you are going for, it is usually a seven-ten day cruise. If you are packing sneakers think in advance of how many times you might wear them. Gym? Walking around the islands? Around the ship? That way you won’t pack ten pairs of socks! Think in advance of how many times you could wear one pair of shorts, then plan the top around that. It helps to lay out your clothes and put outfits together using the same piece. Pack light when travelling so if you have to pay for baggage, you can pay for 20Kg instead of 25kg which can save you over $25! Purchasing clothing square cubes will also help you  pack your clothes, making them into the smallest size they can be.

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High Heels Vs. Flats

Shoes are the heaviest thing to pack. I always wear my heaviest shoes on the plane. That way its easier to go below the 20kgs. Packing light shoes like flip flops and sandals are really going to save you that extra money. Try match high heels to your dresses, so that allows you to only pack one pair. The less shoes you pack, the more clothes you can pack!


Make sure you account for the things you might purchase while on the ship or island. Leaving 5kgs out will do the tick, ensuring you have enough free space to pack more if you need too. There are stores on the cruise, like Guess, Swarovski, just to name a few. So trust me when I say, you will be shopping. Not to mention the souvenirs on the many different islands that you will visit. Also the gifts you have to purchase for every family member, friend and their dog. This isn’t just necessary for how to pack for a cruise, you should always consider these things when planning a trip.


Themes and Formal Nights

So on most if not all, cruises there are theme nights. Most have a formal night, so packing something long and formal is perfect. I would suggest a dress that maybe you wore to your year 12 formal, however those dresses are usually pretty heavy. Finding something below knee length and that looks somewhat formal, will do the trick! However there is some surprise themes, like a Great Gatsby theme or a 70s theme..or both! This can take up some packing space in your suitcase. Try and find items that will work for a couple of nights. So that 1920s looking fringe dress, you can wear to the theme night and maybe a couple of nights at dinner. Planning your outfits around the theme are really going to give you some space.

Well gang, thats all from me. I hope these packing tips will help you create more space and makes packing easier. Packing is probably the most stressful process to go through, especially if you don’t meet the weight target. However with my tips, that makes everything a little easier. I hope you have a wonderful cruise, remember to eat like no tomorrow, enjoy all the entertainment, and lastly, relax!!! That’s all from me, I’m off to book another cruise! Hope you learned how to pack for a cruise.

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