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How To Get The Perfect Holiday Photos 

How To Get The Perfect Holiday Photos 

Here's how to get the perfect holiday photos! These Instagram photography tips will help you master your Insta aesthetic. Here's how to get the perfect shot

When travelling, you spend a lot of money going somewhere, and to remember your awesome trip, you need awesome photos. If only you could take a personal photographer with you at all times to capture those ‘candid’ moments or a group photos. I love posting photos from my holiday but sometimes there not up to scratch or don’t fit my Instagram theme. However now with these tips, my photos could not look better. Here’s how to get the perfect holiday photos!

Download VSCO

My number one absolute tip, is to download VSCO! It is the Kim Kardashian of apps. Kim probably even uses it herself. This app allowed you to change anything and everything. Brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation and skin tone, i could go on!  Seriously this app does it all, including the countless of filters you can use, free and paid ones. Its not an annoying app either, with pop up or asking you to go premium. It is seriously the best app, I put ALL my photos through VSCO. Trust me if you do too, you will have the best perfect holiday photos. Seriously, this is one of the most handy apps for how to get the perfect holiday photos.

Natural Light

Lighting is key when taking photos, you always want to use natural light. I understand that sometimes you go out for dinner late at night, and there is no sun. My other advice is to find a light that is very white, and does not have any yellowish tone. Again with the VSCO app it can take away some yellowish tone, but not all of it. Always opt for natural light when you can. I’m sure the countless days on a tropical island there will be plenty of natural lighting to get those perfect holiday photos.

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Know Your Angles

To know your angles, take different photos different ways and work out what works best. If you haven’t already, you will pick up on them soon enough and you’ll know how to pose to compliment your body. I always stand a little to the side and stick one leg out to the front a little. I know my angle, but it might not always be the same for you. Everyone has different body shapes and different poses will work differently for everyone. Take some time to stand in the mirror with a few photos, before your holiday and you’ll be prepared to get the most perfect holiday photo!


Pick A Theme To Follow

So once you’ve got the taking the photo down pact, you’ll have to post it. Following or create an instagram theme with make your holiday photos look so much better, and maybe even a few new followers! Say your theme is white, but you took amazing photos at the island, with the blue sea, never fear because heres another tip to make it fit in. Take 3 or 6 of your favourite blue photos and post them, that way there is a 6 block theme together that look great and not out of place. Once you are home from your holiday resume the rest of your theme!

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So those are my handy tips on how to get the perfect holiday photos every time! If you have any handy tips, I would love to know. I’m off to take some photos!
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