How To Deal With Your Parents Divorce

Divorce sucks but it is also a part of life. People just fall out of love and it’s the best for everyone in the long run. However, a fresh divorce can suck. There are ways to help you deal with your parents’ divorcing. Here is how to deal with your parents divorce.

1. Accept That They Are Divorced

Acceptance is the key to healing. Accept that these are circumstances you can’t change and that it’s the best for both your parents. You are going to have to realise that everything won’t be the same anymore and that you aren’t going to be sharing the same household anymore. This can also be good for you as you won’t be hearing them arguing or live in an area where there’s a lot of tension. This is crucial for how to deal with your parents divorce and a good step in the right direction.

2. You Don’t Have To Choose Sides

In a divorce, sometimes it may seem like you have to choose between one parent or the other but that’s not the case! You shouldn’t feel guilty for loving your parents equally. Divorce doesn’t mean you have to choose sides and choosing to live with your Mum doesn’t mean you don’t love your Dad. It just means you’re going to be spending time with them separately instead of being together.

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3. Comfort Your Parents

You’re going through a lot and dealing with changes but remember, they are going through a lot as well. Make sure you’re there for them separately. Also if they do talk about each other, maybe keep it to yourself instead of telling the other parent about it. It’ll help to diffuse the tension instead of making things worse.


4. Know That They Love You

Remember that they will always love you, they just don’t love each other anymore. Divorce can make you feel neglected as your parents spend more time hating each other than they do loving you but that’s not the case. They are just going through a lot but once it’s settled things will go back to being relatively normal again. Unfortunately, Divorce is a part of life, but know that they still love and care about you and will still be there for your important life moments.


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5. Never Your Fault

There will always be a lot of blame and guilt during a divorce but just remember, it’s never your fault that your parents couldn’t work things out. They still would have gotten a divorce if you partied less or gotten better grades. It’s never your fault, nor is it anyone else’s. People just fall out of love and marriage doesn’t end up like the Disney movies we love.


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