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10 Holiday Gifts For Dog Lovers

10 Holiday Gifts For Dog Lovers

Here's some dog related gifts for dog lovers who can't get enough! These themed presents are perfect for the holidays, especially Christmas!

Perhaps your mum loves the dog more than her own children, or all your friend does is talk about her pooch. We all know someone who is obsessed with dogs, and for good reason. With the holidays just around the corner, here are 10 perfect gifts for dog lovers that they need in their life. This year, make sure you bark up the right (Christmas) tree when buying presents and give these gift ideas a try!

1) Pop your pup

Send a pic of your pup into the team at Pop Your Pup for an original t-shirt or canvas. They will transform the picture of your dog into a pop style art and print it onto the t-shirt or canvas of your choice.


2) Pooch selfie ball

This attachment mounts a tennis ball on top of your phone so when you take a selfie with a dog, it looks at the tennis ball. Of course, this gives the illusion of a perfect pet selfie.

3) The dogist

This lovely book features 1000 stunning photographs of all types of dogs. From fancy dressed dogs, working dogs and puppies, you will fall in love with each of the pages.


4) Jewellery

There are plenty of places to find pet jewellery. From necklaces with a little paw print pendant, or even something like a puppy wearing a Christmas hat from Pandora. Jewellery is a nice to way to incorporate fashion, and is one of the best gifts for dog lovers!


5) A dog leash holder

Give your dog person a neat way to organise their dog leashes. These wall hangers are the perfect way to keep leashes ready and organised at the door for their next walk.

6) A relatable t-shirt

It’s safe to say if you’re buying a dog gift for someone, they’re a proud dog owner. Why not give them a funny t shirt that sums up their pet owner life.


7) A wine glass

If your dog person doubles as a wine lover, this is the perfect gift. Get them a wine glass which says ‘it’s not really drinking alone if the dog is home.’


8) A customised key chain

This Etsy store has several different silhouetted dog key chains. For a personal touch, you can also get it engraved.


9) A serious pet portrait

Find an artist near you who does pet portraits. This would be a lovely gift idea either as photography, or a painting!


10) A dog bag

It’s both useful and adorable, shop the internet to find the perfect dog bag for that dog lover !

What are some gifts for dog lovers that you would give? Leave us a comment in the section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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