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15 Hacks To Make Life Easy at ACU

15 Hacks To Make Life Easy at ACU

During my first year at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, I discovered a few hacks to make life easy at ACU! Keep reading to find out!

During my first year at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, I discovered a few hacks that can make uni a non-stressful experience. Keep reading for some tips to make life easy at ACU!

1. Pack food to snack on throughout the day.

For the love of food, please understand why this is the number one most important hack to live by. Stuff your backpack with snacks you can gobble throughout the day rather than spending your entire life savings at the café.

2. Get to the library ahead of time.

Make sure you get to the library early if you want to secure a spot on one of those comfy green booths that are always taken up by those sloth-looking sleepers who you secretly wish you were.


3. Decide earlier in the semester if you are a paper or laptop person and stick with it!

Decide early in the semester if you are a laptop user or a pen and paper student. There is nothing worse than having your notes in two separate places come exam time.

4. Buy yourself a diary. Men, you too.

Buy yourself a diary. I’m not talking about a fluffy pink diary you can write your deepest secrets about – I mean you can if you want to, I wont stop you – but a calendar diary will make your life so much easier. Go ahead and attack your assignment due dates with highlighters, because this step will definitely make life easy at ACU.

5. Write your due dates down as soon as you know of them.

Following up on the previous tip, write down all of your assignment due dates. Whatever you do, do not leave an assignment to the last minute. Not like I have any experience with that…


6. Use and abuse O Week!

Use and abuse O Week! This is where I met some of my closest friends who make going to uni much more enjoyable. Is this #squadgoals or what?

7. Get to know your class locations ahead of time.

Get to know your class locations in O Week while you have the time!
O Week is also crucial for getting to know the campus. Walk around and find out where your classes and lectures are so that in your first week you aren’t running like a mad hatter trying to find where you are meant to be. Again, totally not from experience at all…


8. Explore Brunswick…

… at the right time! It’s very important to realize you can’t explore all of Brunswick Street in your one-hour break between classes. Please take it from me, the blisters on your feet from running are seriously not worth it.

9. Fight the train timetable.

Master the train/tram system around Melbourne before or as soon as you can as long as it’s earlier rather than later. Make sure your Miki is always filled up to avoid those $70 on the spot fines.

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10. Don’t even bother trying to park your car in Melbourne.

Don’t even bother trying to park a car in Melbourne; it’s seriously never a good idea. At 6 a.m. in the morning, the lot is full, and at 6 p.m…. yep it’s still full.


11. Lectures are most important, remember that.

Keep up with your lectures! Yes, we all skip one here and there, but make sure you flick through the slides or watch online presentations when you get the chance.


12. Find a good coffee stop earlier rather than later.

Find a good coffee stop earlier rather than later and save yourself the disappointment. Brunswick Street is filled with cafes that, though overpriced, are worth the extra money.

13. Plan your toilet stops (if you can) around the right time.

If you need to use the bathroom – particularly the females – aim to go at a time that isn’t right on the hour. The Mary Glowery Building toilets have a bigger line than when Doughnut Time handed out free doughnuts.

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14. Know how to read your timetable.

Each building is abbreviated on your timetable, therefore there will be buildings on there you had not a single clue existed until you anxiously asked someone from the Ask Desk.

15. And the final step to make life easy at ACU is…

…to ignore my first hack to survive uni. If you’re at the Melbourne campus, you MUST try the waffles here. Ice cream, strawberries and Nutella. Goodbye lecture, I’ll just be here with my waffles.

If you have any helpful tips to make life easy at ACU, share them below!
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