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Guide To Eating On Campus At La Trobe

Guide To Eating On Campus At La Trobe

La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus has no shortage of culinary options. Keep reading for the guide to eating on campus at La Trobe!

La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus has no shortage of culinary options. From sushi to donuts, you’re sure to find something you like. I picked my favorite 8 places on campus that never disappoint. Keep reading for the guide to eating on campus at La Trobe!

The Bake’n’Bean

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee or some quality baked goods then look no further than the Bake’n’Bean. Situated in the Agora, this adorable bakery/cafe has a selection of sweet and savoury pastries, your standard refrigerated drinks and almost any hot drink you could want. Items are either made to order or baked fresh daily and the baristas will make your Melba Organic coffee exactly how you like it.



Fusion can be found in the Agora Food Court and will become your go to place on campus for ‘junk food’. They carry items such as fish and chips, burgers and pizza as well as a multitude of smaller items like chicken nuggets and a selection of cold drinks.

Food is displayed in a bain-marie and smaller, basic items are cooked and refilled as needed. Premium items, however, are not, so if you’re after a specific burger/type of pizza it’s probably a good idea to go earlier rather than later.

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If you’re after something a bit healthier, Subway is a good option. Although it’s a little smaller than a normal store, the campus shop carries all the standard options you’ve come to expect from the chain. They’ve also got their own seating area off towards the Science Drive bus stop hub.



Located in the Agora, Fuel can provide you with a range of healthy options. The main attractions for most students are their juices and smoothies but you can also acquire items such as lunch packs and snacks.


This Agora store carries everything you would expect from a local cafe. They also have a range of sushi – which is what they’re best known for on campus – but you’ll definitely want to get in early if you want much to choose from. Caffeine customers can also enjoy the indoor seating area.

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Various Pop-Ups.

Nine days out of ten you’ll find a pop-up food venue in the Agora. It makes eating on campus at La Trobe fresh and interesting. The student union has a free sausage sizzle every week and various clubs can often be found fundraising with bake sales or a BBQ.


The Donut Van on Thursdays!

Hot, fresh, jam donuts – enough said. What this vendor lacks in variety and opening hours they more than make up for in tastiness.


If your sweet tooth is tingling but you don’t want baked goods, never fear, Therapy has you covered. They stock a range of candy, snacks and cold drinks and even ice-cream.
The pool tables and various console games on offer also make Therapy a must visit if you’re after some downtime on campus.

Is Therapy one of your favorite places for eating on campus at La Trobe?


We do have plenty of other options – a vegetarian place, Cafe Veloci and various restaurants that stock food from almost every culture just to name a few – but these eight are my favourites so I don’t often go elsewhere to eat.

I have had positive experiences everywhere I’ve been but I didn’t feel that I gave other venues my patronage often enough to pass judgment.

Where you do you like eating on campus at La Trobe? Comment below and share the article!
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