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10 Good Documentaries To Watch This Month

10 Good Documentaries To Watch This Month

If you feel like you're too caught up in binge watching and need something informing and enlightening to watch, read these 10 good documentaries to watch this month.

Documentaries are a great way to learn and who doesn’t want to be educated? Here are 10 good documentaries to watch!

1. Iris

If you’re a fashion lover, then this is the documentary for you. It shows the day to day life of Iris Apfel, a legendary 95-year-old fashion icon. The documentary covers how she transformed her style to the point where her pieces are displayed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2. Hitler, A Career

This is a documentary detailing the rise of Hitler’s career, how he came into power, and the psychology that explains what made one of the most murderous men so popular.


3. He Named Me Malala

This documentary covers the tragic story of Malala. She was shot for speaking out against the Taliban. It goes on to show how she survived and went on to become one of the most influential people in the world.

4. Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

Jeremy Scott made a household name for himself in fashion. This documentary covers his origin story, the greatness behind his designs, and how he managed to turn around Moschino. This is a must watch for any fashion lover.

5. Amanda Nox

This is a story about Amanda Knox. Knox was an American exchange student wrongfully convicted for a murder she did not commit.


6. What The Health

This documentary explores how pharmaceutical companies and the government link to the food we eat. There’s six degrees of separation and this theory is applicable to the food we eat.

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7. Drug Lords

A documentary series in which each episode explores the life and crimes of the most prolific drug dealers around the globe.


8. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga is one of the most well-known pop stars in the world. This is a documentary on her creative process and what she has endured to survive in the music industry.

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9. Why Sharks Attack

An in-depth look into sharks as scientists analyze the behavioral patterns of these predators.


10. Daughters of Destiny

Vanessa Roth, follows the trials and tribulations of a group of children from the most rural areas of India.

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