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10 GIFs Accurately Describing Being A Bond University Student

10 GIFs Accurately Describing Being A Bond University Student

Bond University students have their fun. Here are 10 GIFs that show what it's like being a Bond Uni student. These accurate GIFs will have you laughing.

We all know GIFs are worth a thousand words… that’s the saying, right? Anyway, what could be better than using GIFs to accurately describe what it’s actually like to be a student at Bond University? You are correct, there’s nothing! Only will you understand these GIFs if you are a Bond University student. Studying at this school has its perks! Here it goes… Check out these 10 GIFs that accurately describe being a student at Bond Uni.

1. Your tutor by the time it’s week 3:

2. Inevitably your response:


3. Externally when you realise you have to wake up at 7am everyday:

4. Internally when you realise this fact:

5. How it feels every time you line up at the Bra:


6. Being ‘productive’ at 3am in the MLC:

7. That one person in your CORE group who only turns up on the day of the presentation:


8. What everyone hopes will happen the next time the lake floods:

9. What you think you look like in an exam:


10. Versus what you actually look like during an exam:

Maybe you could relate to this, or maybe not! Hopefully you haven’t experienced all of these feels, though. Let me know which one you related to the most.

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