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25 Funny AF Tweets About Melbourne That Are Too True

25 Funny AF Tweets About Melbourne That Are Too True

There's no place like home, or like Melbourne, that is. If you live in Melbourne, you will definitely be able to relate to these tweets that are so true!

Melbournians are a fairly open bunch, we’ll share pretty much anything with pretty much anyone which is why there’s always something interesting to be found on our social media. Below you’ll find 25 tweets about Melbourne that are rather amusing but just a little too close to home…

1. Yes, we do actually stick animals – cows specifically – up trees for our own amusement.

2. And our wardrobe choices take all four seasons into account because, let’s be honest, we’re guaranteed to experience at least three on any given day.


3. Now I’m not saying the construction of our new public transport system is causing havoc but…

4. Although with Metro bringing us such stunning service, could we really expect things to go down any differently?

5. At least it might help us reach our fitness goals?


6. The struggle is definitely real AF in the Summer.

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7. And some may even say that our city is literally out to get us.

8. But hey, go big or go home right?


9. And sure, maybe we take it a little too far with our nightlife.

10. But at least the trip home’s never boring.

11. And we’ve got some of the best coffee in the world.


12. As well as Mean Girls the Melbourne Edition?

13. Which makes sense I guess.

14. The city is full of interesting people.


15. And you never know what stories you’ll come across.

16. Although you should probably be careful when venue hopping.

17. And specify that you’d like your coffee in a regular cup…

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18. Then there’s this.


19. But at least we don’t have any Vikings?

20. What we do have, however, is a very particular set of skills.

21. And pretty low expectations.


22. Even though outsiders might not totally get our way of life.

23. And we don’t always know where we’re going.

24. We know what we want out of life.


25. And we can turn even the saddest situation into a thing of beauty.

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Which one of these tweets about Melbourne do you think is the most funny? Let us know in the comments!
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