12 Functional And Cute Coats For All That Crazy Melbourne Weather

Melbourne has four seasons in one day. You know this; I know this. But how do you dress to combat this chaotic weather? Obviously, you need a coat for every different mood the sky is in. Here are 12 functional and cute coats to get you through the day.

1. Parka

Parka’s are great at keeping wearers warm, shielded from the wind, and dry from rain. They come in versatile designs, some with faux fur, others with Sherpa lining. The only downside is how heavy and bulky they become once the sun comes back out.

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2. Peacoat

Peacoat’s are classy, and great to throw on during a night out to stop yourself from freezing. They aren’t so hot at preventing you from overheating, and also let rain through unless they have a waterproof lining.

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3. Windbreaker

Bracing winds don’t stand a chance against these jackets. They keep wearers dry from the rain, and don’t take up too much room in your bag once you are indoors again. Unfortunately, the downside of these garments is that they don’t always keep you toasty warm in the freezing cold. Melbourne really requires a lot out of functional and cute coats.

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4. The Big Chungus Coat

Say no more. These puffy coats are going to keep you warm in Sub-zero Antarctica. It’s like wearing a giant hot water bottle wrapped in a toasted marshmallow. The wind is shook to death; the rain is wigless. But, the Big Chungus does fall prey to hurdle that has floored many other coats; the sun. They aren’t even practical to carry in thirty degree heat, let alone wear.

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5. Blazer

Business-casual, or semi-formal, blazers are great for warding off a light chill without risking heat-stroke. These jackets do well in mild-weather, but falter in extremes of heat, rain, wind, and cold.

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6. Anorak

Anorak’s are born for combating rain. As your friends struggle with inside-out umbrellas and ponchos, stride in the vicious onslaught. Your raincoat is going to keep you bone-dry. When they’re not wet, these light-weight coats are very easy to throw in the bottom of your bag.

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7. Capes

Before you cry ‘No Capes!’, listen to some of the benefits. Firstly, you get to swoop around pretending to be Count Dracula. Secondly, you’ll look more aesthetic than usual at your local Starbucks as you read poetry volumes and scowl. But most importantly, capes are pretty good at keeping you warm.

Try this:

8. Trench Coat

Trench coats have re-invented themselves from their mixed-up past of being worn by private-eyes, spies, and the people you were taught to avoid in primary school. Now, they’re an on-trend functional and cute coat, and for good reason. They’re great at combating the wind and keeping out the cold.

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9. Faux Fur

I like my faux-fur bright and colourful, so it can alert everyone to the fact that it is definitely faux. Otherwise, it may get paint thrown on it and become rainbow none-the-less. Faux-fur coats are great for staying warm, but don’t do so well in wet or hot weather.

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10. Duffel Coats

These heavy coats are perfect for pretending you’re a dock-worker in the thirties. Or if they’re red, keep the hood up and go for a walk in the woods to visit your Grandma. The biggest take-away is that these coats keep out ocean-spray, rain, and wind, all while the wearer is warm and cosy.

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11. Transparent Coats

This fresh new style is great for keeping the rain off your back, while still revealing the cute outfit your wearing beneath. However, the plastic nature of the coat can make it stick irritatingly to your skin, and makes annoying rubbery noises as you move.

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12. Teddy

Another fashion trend in functional and cute coats is the teddy. Unlike the jacket, the teddy coat sprawls past your hips and approaches your knees, keeping more of your body warm. It’s great at resisting cold and keeping comfy, but in the heat the coat becomes hinderance.

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Which of these functional and cute coats do you think best suits Melbourne’s weather? Comment below.

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