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10 Free Things To Do Around Bond University

10 Free Things To Do Around Bond University

There are so many free things to do at Bond University. Bond Uni offers a lot of fun activities you and your friends can do together. Bond University rules!

When living away from home for Uni, it can sometimes be tough to maintain a fun social life. Why? Because everything costs money! Trying to find things that are free and still nearby uni can be difficult, so I decided to come up with 10 free things to do around Bond University.

1. Go window shopping at Robina Town Shopping Centre.

Robina Town Centre is definitely one of the most obvious places to visit and, believe it or not, this can be done for free! Get a group of your closest friends together and set yourselves the challenge of window shopping for the day. You could even up the ante by getting each person to create their ‘dream’ outfit (without having to splash the cash)!

2. Eat dinner at Market Square.

After a hard days window shopping, on your way back to campus why not stop off at one of the many cafes and restaurants in Market Square. The cuisine possibilities are endless and you are guaranteed a satisfying feed by the end of the night. If you aren’t feeling the wining and dining prospects, try one of the many takeaway joints! Now, of course, this isn’t free but we all have to eat, right?!


3. Browse Burleigh Markets.

Open every Saturday from 7am to midday, whatever the weather! With free entry AND parking this fabulous market has the perfect atmosphere and a wonderful selection of stallholders, with a huge variety of products. These products include fresh fruits and vegetables, and other delicious foodie goodness! Much like Robina Town Centre, simply by browsing you can have a very enjoyable day and not spend money!

4. Walk around Lake Orr.

If you do decide to spend some money at the markets, you will probably want to get outdoors and do some exercise to burn off all that yummy food! Head for a walk around Lake Orr and take the opportunity to see more of the beauty that is right outside your front door.

5. Take part in free yoga at Burleigh Heads.

Although this one is technically not free, it is so cheap it comes pretty close! For just $3 you can take part in a weekly Yoga Asanas by the Sea class. Every Saturday from 8am to 9am, the class is suitable for all age and skill level. All you have to do is bring along a yoga mat!


6. Swim at Snapper Rock.

If surfing is more your speed, why not head to Snapper Rock and catch some waves? Beware, if the waves are good, this beach can get pretty hectic, which brings an often aggressive atmosphere from the large amount of surfers .

7. Scout out vintage items at the Op Shop.

For some, window shopping at Robina Town Centre may be a little too tempting. Try the alternative of hopping between Op shops and scouting out the best vintage outfit! You don’t have to spend a cent, but it can be a really fun way to find all the great items these types of stores tend to have.


8. Look inside 19Karen.

Try something a little different, what have you got to lose? 19Karen is the largest contemporary art gallery on the Gold Coast. Open to the public Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am to 5pm, this space stages exhibitions from artists from all walks of life.

9. Explore Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, love to wander around Botanic Gardens. I find it extremely soothing to walk through and look at all the beautiful aspects of nature. It is completely free to visit these Botanic Gardens and, as they are open from 5am to 7pm every day, there is really no excuse not to visit.


10. Head to Miami Beach.

I almost went the whole list without mentioning the one thing the Gold Coast is most famous for- the Beach! Miami Beach is my recommendation as it is easy to get to and a lot quieter than some of the other beaches, like Surfers Paradise or Burleigh Heads. Heading to the beach is free and, with the weather up on the Coast, you can almost be there all year round!

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There are so many great and diverse things to do nearby Bond University. After reading this list I hope you have discovered a few more that you can do on a budget! Let me know if there are any other free things to do near Bond University, as I am always looking to add to my list!
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