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20 Foods You Must Try From 20 Countries

20 Foods You Must Try From 20 Countries

These are foods you must try from 20 different countries. These foods from different countries are bold and for ambitious eaters. Here's food to try ASAP!

Hungry for Travel? For Food? Well, here is a combination of both! The world is filled with many things to do, to see, and more importantly to eat. For all of the hungry travelers out there, here are 20 unique foods you must try from 20 different countries!

1. Mala Mogodu from South Africa

This traditional South African meal consists of stewed tripe often served with new potatoes and fried onions. Yes, tripe is animal intestines and stomach linings; however, this curried dish is considered a delicacy and is very rich in flavor.


2. Lort Cha from Cambodia

Looking for a quick lunch in Cambodia? These Stir-fried Lort noodles are accompanied by chives, bean sprouts, broccoli, beef, and fried eggs. You can find this Cambodian dish at most markets or street side vendors.

3. Pączki from Poland

This traditional Polish pastry is delicious! The dough is stuffed with a sweet filling (strawberry, raspberry, sweet cheese, and other options) before being fried and covered in powdered sugar. This is a must eat while visiting Poland!


4. Coxhina from Brazil

This quick snack is a classic Brazilian street food. Ground, or shredded, chicken is covered in batter and molded into the shape of what is supposed to be a chicken leg! It is served deep fried and tasty.


5. Pachamanca from Peru

This dish is unique to Peru. Cooked using hot stones, potatoes, lima beans, yuca, corn, other vegetables, and your choice of meat (lamb, mutton, pork, chicken, or guinea pig) are baked and served together. Perfect for dinner!

6. Molokhiya from Egypt

A popular Egyptian soup, Molokhiya is made by Molokhiya leaves and a variation of spices. It is often served over rice and chicken. The Molokhiya plant is packed with nutrients and is extremely healthy; the slimy texture may be off-putting, but this is definitely something to try!


7. Gulab Jamun from India

These little balls of solidified milk are dunked into rose flavored syrup; super sweet. This popular Indian treat is often served during holidays and celebrations. It is very difficult to make and is time consuming; however, if you get the chance to try it, say yes and eat up!


8. Rēwena from New Zealand

While in New Zealand, you have to have a slice, (or a whole loaf!) of Rēwena bread! Rēwena, also known as Maori bread, is a sourdough bread made out of fermented potatoes. This bread can be a side for your stew or two slices for your sandwich! One of those foods you must try.

9. Okroshka from Russia

Served in the summer, Okroshka, also known as the Russian Cold Soup, is made up of chopped, raw vegetables, boiled potatoes, cooked meat, and egg. And, yes, it is served cold! In fact, sometimes if there’s super warm weather, ice cubes are added to keep the soup cold!


10. Ropa Vieja from Cuba

A national dish of Cuba, Ropa Vieja is pulled beef stewed in a tomato-based sauce, served with a side of rice, black beans, plantains and occasionally fried yuca. Yummy! This is definitely a dish you must try when visiting Cuba!


11. Saganaki from Greece

“So, do you like cheese?” -Duke, She’s the Man. Saganaki is literally a square of pan-fried cheese. So while you’re visiting the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean or the Greek ruins of Athens, you will definitely have to order the Saganaki!

12. Fried Yojoa Fish from Honduras

The Yojoa Fish is caught by local fishermen at Yojoa lake and then deep fried, often served with a side of pickled onions, pickled red cabbage, or tajaditas (deep fried plantains). This salty fish is definitely something you MUST try while visiting Honduras.


13. Mumu from Papua New Guinea

Mumu is not a type of food, but rather a style of cooking that is native to Papua New Guinea. Vegetables, greens, meats, spices, and more are layered with coconut milk and cooked/steamed in a ground oven using hot stones. This style of cooking brings the whole family together and tastes amazing!


14. Cuberdon from Belgium

I WANT CANDY!! This cone-shaped candy comes in many different flavors, traditionally raspberry. It was accidentally discovered by pharmacist De Vynck in 1873 (Thankfully!). This sweet treat can be found anywhere in Belgium and is definitely a must eat!


15. Kenkey from Ghana

Ground corn is turned into a sourdough base and then wrapped in the husks of the corn. These rolls are then boiled in water and served with a (usually) spice-based sauce. Definitely worth trying!


16. Smalahove from Norway

This dish is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Smalahove is a  traditional Norwegian, Christmas dish made from the head of a sheep. Today it mostly a meal for “thrill-seeking tourists”. If you’re up to the challenge and want to mark something crazy off your food bucket list, Smalahove is a great way to start. This is one of those more ambitious foods you must try.

17. Bindae-tteok from South Korea

If you’re every in South Korea, you must try these mung bean pancakes. Known as Bindae-tteok, these fried pancakes can be served with meat or vegetables and are often a big hit around the Korean New Year.


18. Tachin from Iran

Tachin (one variation of spelling), also known as the Persian Baked Rice Cake, is not the typical sweet cake many of us think of. Instead, this “cake” includes, rice, chicken filets, egg, yogurt, and fresh saffron! Definitely a savory meal worth eating while in Iran! How could you not want to add this to your list of foods you must try?


19. Spätzle from Germany

This soft, egg-based noodle is a common side to / main ingredient in many traditional German meals. Some versions include stew being poured over the noodles or being cooked with sausage and lentils; however, simply buttered Spätzle tastes just as good!

20. Hoosh from Antarctica

For those of you adventurous enough to visit the unclaimed continent of Antarctica, you must try Hoosh. This stew is made from pemmican (meat wedges), sledging biscuits (simple biscuits), and snow. This is one of the very few meals available to explorers and researches in Antarctica. If you’re visiting, you will most likely end up eating the Arctic’s famous Hoosh!


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