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10 Fast And Easy Summer Manicure Ideas

10 Fast And Easy Summer Manicure Ideas

Any fashionista will tell you that cute nails are the best way to add subtlety and flavour to your look, especially in the summer time. But if you struggle with your nails, we’ve got you covered with 10 fast and easy summer manicure ideas! From the simplest of looks, to a little bit of creativity that might bring you back to your high school art class, these looks are so cute and totally easy to create!

1. Simple Pastel

This is by far one the easiest summer manicure ideas of the bunch, but it’s so effective when the warmer weather rolls around your hands aren’t hidden in the pockets of your hoody. Pastel colours are the go-to here, or go with any bright and light colours that stand out. A couple of coats on your nails, and you’re good to go! Switch it up a little by painting different, matching colours on each nail.

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2. Matte

Matte looks are one of the biggest trends floating around on people’s nails, no matter the season! Either with one colour, or a few matching colours, this is definitely a cute look that can give your outfit a more sophisticated feel when your dressing to impress. This fast and easy manicure idea works especially well with softer colours, such as blush or baby blue. Luckily, matte nail polish is available everywhere where nail polish is sold, so go ahead and try this out at home!

3. Geometric

This look is so cute, and so easy to do by yourself on a night in with the girls! And it’s all about that geometric look everyone is craving! All you need is two or three colours of your favourite polish, preferably a neutral and a brighter colour, and some nail tape. Paint your neutral colour down first, then once it dries, tape down two connecting lines across your nails and paint the next colour in one of the blocks you just created. Remove the tape once it dries, and voila! Nails on point! This look is perfect to add to your summer manicure idea’s repertoire!

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4. Polka Dot

There is never a better time than summer to add some polka dots to your look, which is why this summer manicure idea’s perfect! This is a great summer manicure idea because of its versatility. Make your polka dots big, small, on every finger or on a select few, put a lot on some fingers and none on others; it’s up to you! The more unique and diverse you make your polka dots, the better. Match it to your mood and unique style! Whether you pair bright dots with a bright background, or keep it neutral, this is definitely a cute look for your nails.

5. Galaxy

The galaxy doesn’t just have to reveal itself at night, but it can live on our nails too! Carry the night sky with you all the time with this starry look, with just a couple of easy steps. After applying a dark colour, like black or deep purple, use a sponge to dab on cosmic-inspired colours, like pink, purple or blue. On top of that, dab on some white, and use a toothpick to tap on ‘stars’ in your galaxy. Go as much or as little as you like; it’s up to you!

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6. Striped

If none of these summer manicure ideas are standing out to you, try this one on for size. Though this is such a simple concept, you can make this look as creative as you want! All you need is a couple of colours; a solid background and either a plain or glitter colour as your stripes. Use nail tape to make this look easier, or just freestyle it. Using glitter in this look adds a luxe element that will definitely lift you to another level of chic!


7. Glitter

Speaking of glitter, why not just go all out and make your nails shimmer and sparkle like nobody’s business! No need for glitzy rings or bracelets when your fingers do all the shimmering under the light. All you need is a super glittery nail polish, coat that baby on, and that’s it! You’re nails shall be the envy of all!

8. One is Different

There are so many summer manicure ideas out there, but this one has recently become a classic! This look is fairly self-explanitory, but let’s break it down anyway. For this look, all you’ll need is two different colours, making sure that only one finger on your hand is different to the rest. A popular choice is the ring finger or middle finger. Make one finger stand out by making it a darker colour than the rest, or go back to that glitter we love and make that finger shine!

9. Easy Art

Unless you’re a master at doing your nails, the prospect of painting little objects on your nails makes you break out into a sweat. But never fear, it’s not as daunting as it appears. If you want little flowers on your nails, take your different colours and place a dot on your nail, painting little strokes around it to create a flower. Easy done! Stars and moons are also a cute summer manicure idea and adds a ‘hippy’ vibe to your look.


10. Gingham

Now this may seem a bit ‘out there’, but once you see this look on, you’ll never pick another look for your summer manicure ideas! Gingham just screams summer and has become a big trend recently, so why not put it on your nails as well? This look is all about layering your colours. Start with a white or plain colour of your choice. Add two stripes of a brighter or darker colour over the top, then another like colour horizontally across those two colours. And that’s it! This is such a cute idea, and I guarantee you once people see you rocking this look, they will be jumping on board!

So there is 10 fast and easy summer manicure ideas. Which ones will you be rocking this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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