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10 Fall Must Haves To Throw In Your Bag This Autumn

10 Fall Must Haves To Throw In Your Bag This Autumn

As you may know, with the autumn season comes a big temperature change. These fall must haves are everything you need in your bag in order to prep for the colder weather!

As far away as it may seem, the Autumn season is fast approaching! Although we experience this transitional period each year, for some reason we always forget about the effects it has on us. The side effects range from chapped lips to goosebumps, which is why preparation is key! Here are the fall must haves you need for the season to come!

1. Scarf

Now that there’s a breeze blowing in, it’s time to keep yourself warm with a scarf. A scarf can help to elevate any simple outfit.


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2. Black Leather Jacket

Autumn is the best time to bring out the leather jackets. Leather jackets can instantly make you look chic and edgy!

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3. Sunglasses

The sun is still out even though it’s getting a bit nippy out. Sunglasses in Autumn colors such as red, orange or yellow will add color to your wardrobe.

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4. Handbag

Autumn is for color, why not change up your style a little? Instead of using the black handbag that has been your go-to forever, why not switch it up and carry a deep maroon, or if you’re feeling bold, a bright yellow handbag!

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6. Chapstick

It’s starting to get colder so your lips are going to get dry, so make sure you have a chapstick with you at all time.

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7. Cardigan

You never know when there might be a breeze, you’ll thank yourself later for having a cardigan to keep you warm.

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8. Knee High Socks

If you’re a fan of wearing skirts but it’s too cold outside, don’t fret! Knee high socks will keep your legs warm while you are free to prance around in mini skirts. (we don’t recommend doing this during Winter though!)

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9. Button Up Shirt

A classic white button up is the perfect go to Autumn essential because if it gets too hot you can just wear it on it’s own but if it gets colder, it’s easy to layer and goes with everything for a chic look.

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10. Hand Cream

The cold breeze coming in will surely make your skin dry. make sure to keep hand cream on you at all times so your hands are soft and moisturized.

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What do you think of these fall must haves? Let us know in the comment section below!

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