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10 Easy Ramekin Recipes To Keep You Warm In Winter

10 Easy Ramekin Recipes To Keep You Warm In Winter

Ramekin recipes are not only delicious, but they are super easy and quick to make. From dinner to dessert, these are the 10 best ramekin recipes to try!

Let’s be real here, a lot of uni students either don’t have time to make proper meals to eat or don’t have the skills. A lot of us would rather just settle for leftovers or making 2 minute noodles. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s another option–making mug meals in a mug or a ramekin. It’s simple and ends up with delicious results. So, here are 10 delicious ramekin recipes that will keep you warm in winter.

1. Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies

Deep-dish chocolate chip cookies taste absolutely delicious on their own, but also feel free to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream with it, just to undercut the richness of the chocolate.

Deep dish cookies are delicious ramekin recipes to try!

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2. Molten Chocolate Cakes

Molten chocolate cakes are the perfect dessert for a cold winter’s night, when you’re watching a movie and curled up in a blanket. More importantly, this recipe is incredibly easy to make so if you’re a novice at cooking or baking, don’t feel terrified.

Molten chocolate cakes are easy ramekin recipes to try this winter!

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3. Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies

I’ve made these chicken and mushroom pot pies for my family and myself on several occasions and it was quite a treat to eat. Add some seasoning and spices to the meal (i.e. salt, pepper, paprika etc.) and turn it into something unforgettable.

Chicken and mushroom pot pies are easy ramekin recipes to try!

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4. Microwave Mug Pizzas

I’ve made these microwave mug pizzas for myself several times through the uni semester and I have to say that it really does taste like pizza (and it definitely will make you crave a proper sized one as well!). But if it’s too simple for you, there’s always the option to add toppings and seasoning to this recipe.

Microwave pizza is an easy ramekin recipe to try for dinner!

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5. Breakfast Quiche

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s important to make sure that you eat something that is both nutritious and delicious when you wake up in the morning. These breakfast quiches tick both of those boxes. Just make sure you prepare some of the ingredients beforehand.

Breakfast quiche is an easy ramekin recipe to try in the morning!

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6. Microwave Thai Green Curry

If you have a particular craving for Thai food or just feel like trying something new, I would definitely recommend making this Thai Green Curry. It’s simple and also a delicious treat!

Thai green curry bowls are easy ramekin recipes for dinner!

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7. Smores Chocolate Mug Cake

Foodies with a chocolate obsession will love this smores chocolate mug cake as it’s both chocolate-y and Instagram worthy. After making the recipe, feel free to add chocolate syrup, mini marshmallows, ice-cream, crumpled biscuits etc! It almost makes you feel like you’re sitting by a campfire.

S'mores ramekin recipes are the perfect sweet treat!

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8. Breakfast Sandwiches

Here is yet another mug meal for people that love breakfast. These breakfast sandwiches are also great for people that love eggs and bacon.

Breakfast sandwiches are easy ramekin recipes for the morning.

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9. Chicken and Dumpling Mug Meals

As someone that loves, loves, loves chicken and dumplings, this mug meal is a delight! But if you’re not a meat-eater, you can always take out the chicken and it will still be satisfying to eat.

Try chicken dumpling ramekin recipes for a quick dinner.

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10. Vegan Cinnamon Roll

I’m not vegan and I’ve never attempted this recipe so I can’t say this for sure, but these cinnamon rolls look quite indulgent.

Vegan cinnamon rolls are the perfect ramekin recipes for a sweet tooth.

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  • Make sure the ramekins or mugs you use to make these meals are microwave safe and oven-safe, otherwise you will end up with disastrous results.
  • Each microwave is different so the time your meals takes to be fully cooked will vary. Check every 20 seconds to see if it’s over or underdone.
  • If you want to remove or substitute one of the ingredients in the recipe, go for it!
Do you know of any other good ramekin recipes to try!? Share in the comments below!

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