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7 Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes

7 Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast, the most important meal of that day! Eating a healthy breakfast has SO many benefits for you and your body. A healthy breakfast will increase your energy and allow you to conquer the day, it boosts your metabolism, and can help you stay focused throughout the day. Here are 7 Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

1- Quinoa Bircher with fresh fruit and yoghurt.

This one sounds complicated BUT it will only take you 5 minutes! A healthy breakfast which kick starts you, tastes good and is full of nutrients- whats not to love?! Find the recipe here!


2- Spring Smoothie Bowl

This Smoothie Bowl is delicious, healthy and comes from the smoothie expert herself, Kath Ebbs.
The great thing about this recipe is that the ingredients are interchangeable so that you can cater the recipe to the tastes and flavours that you like. Whats even better, it takes less than 5 minutes to make! Find the recipe here

Tip: To add a bit of crunch to the top of your bowl, sprinkle some granola on the top! Make your own healthy granola in bulk and keep it in the cupboard for easy access! A good granola recipe can be found here!


3- Green Eggs & Ham

A tasty twist on the Dr Suess’s titled book, ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. This recipe will get you excited for breakfast, fill up your tummy and have you prepared for the day! Find the recipe here!

Tip: Add some sliced avocado on the side for extra ‘greeness’ and extra taste!


4- Healthy Muesli

This one is more time consuming in terms of prep as you have to leave this recipe overnight in the fridge. However, it takes 5 minutes to prep and you can wake up in the morning to a fresh, tasty and healthy bowl of muesli. Find the recipe here!

5- Greek Avocado Toast

Not only does this breakfast treat look good, it tastes even better! Taking only minutes to make and containing nutrients and fibre to keep you going through the day. One try of this avocado toast and you’ll want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day! Find the recipe here!




6- Strawberry and Yoghurt Parfait

A tasty and healthier breakfast version of the classic Strawberries and Cream dessert. This breakfast is easy to make and easy to have on the go too- just put it in a mason jar with a tight lid and off you go! Find the recipe here!


7- Raspberry Chia Jam and Healthy English Muffin

This recipe is not only healthy, it packs a lot of flavour and takes less time to make than you think. Another bonus- you can have it for breakfast or for snacks throughout the day. You can find the recipe here!


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