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10 Easy Courses At The University Of Queensland

10 Easy Courses At The University Of Queensland

Okay, if you’re a university student there’s a pretty good chance you’ve taken a course solely because it’s a guaranteed boost to your GPA. There’s nothing wrong with it – especially if you’ve got electives in a challenging major, courses like these can be such a blessing! At UQ there are a few courses that will go down in history as totally easy 7s, perfect for bumping up that overall grade. Keep reading for 10 easy courses at the University of Queensland you should definitely take!

1. PSYC1020 Introduction to Psychology: Minds, Brains and Behaviour

This course is a great introductory subject that hones in on the cognitive aspects of psychology, and discusses topics such as consciousness, memory and learning. Although you’ll have to fork out a little for the textbook, this subject features a simple online quiz and a multi-choice exam for some of its assessment. Plus, if the lecture slides still date back to 2013 when I took the course, you get to look at pictures of upside-down celebrity faces. Ahh, learning.

2. COMU2010 Internet Culture and Strategic Communications

This course has legitimately been described as MEME420 by the course coordinator/lecturer, who clearly knows that analysing memes and social media activity for an assignment is a uni student’s dream. If you’re looking for an easy course filled with pop culture references (and of course, some communications theory for good measure) taught by awesome and enthusiastic staff, this is the one for you!

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3. AUST2000 Australian Popular Culture

If you’re a born and bred, true blue Aussie, this course will be a complete breeze. The focus is Australian culture, and you’ll discuss everything from music and sports through to politics and Aboriginal culture. Plus, there’s no exam – just a final essay, so there’s one less test to take in exam block!

4. OHSS1000 Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety

Despite the fact that Occupational Health & Safety may be a brand new topic for a lot of students, this course is known for being one of the easiest subjects at UQ, requiring a very small amount of effort. It’s usually delivered externally, so you won’t even have to attend class! You’ll partake in weekly discussions that test you on the content, and although there is an end of semester exam, the fact that you’ll barely have to go to uni for this class will make up for it.


5. MUSC1700 Introduction to Popular Music: The Rock Era

Once known as ‘From Elvis to Madonna’, this course is practically a staple in any meandering Arts student’s elective repertoire. It covers music history, more specifically ‘the Rock Era’, and is perfect even for non-music majors. You’ll definitely need an ear for the classics, especially because the assessment now includes a listening test, but you’re guaranteed to have a fun, low-pressure semester when taking this one!

6. MSTU2008 Television: Forms and Genres

This course is for those with an interest and potentially, a major, in film and television. If you take this course, you’ll delve right into the world of television and analyse what makes good TV. Plus, you actually have to watch TV to pass this course – it’s part of a weekly tutorial exercise. It is important to note that you’ll need to have completed a few prerequisites for this one, so check the course profile for more info!

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7. LING1005 Introduction to Linguistics: The Sound Pattern of Language

Touted as a super interesting, entry-level type course, LING1005 focuses on the intricacies of the English language. You’ll study sounds and their origins, and the assessment includes weekly online problem solving. Although this course has both a mid-sem and end of semester exam, the course has been praised by students for being both interesting and helpful for later studies in a variety of disciplines.


8. SOSC2169 Social Media: Technology, Self & Society

I wouldn’t call this course traditionally ‘easy’, because it does require some reading and engagement, but it’s definitely a chilled out course for those with an interest in communications, media studies, journalism, psych or sociology. The course draws on a lot of relevant examples (social media platforms, recent news stories, etc.) which is helpful if you keep up with pop culture and current events. Plus, the revamped version of this course includes a movie review!

9. RELN1510 History of the Supernatural

Give yourself an education in vampires, zombies, ghosts and dark magic by taking RELN1510. This course discusses supernatural and paranormal phenomena, both historically and in contemporary society, so if you’re a sci-fi fan or conspiracy theorist, this will be right up your alley. This course is also made up of essays and tutorial participation, so fortunately, no exams. It’s also available for flexible delivery!

10. WRIT2000 Writing & Editing for the Professions

If your grammar and spelling is up to speed, this may be the course for you! WRIT2000 examines these very aspects of the English language, focusing on the nuances that may be involved in professional writing. It’s an awesome subject to take if you’re considering a career involving writing and want to beef up your skills. This subject does have an exam, but aside from that, the assessment is on the easy side – online blog posts and tutorial participation.

Do you have any other suggestions for easy courses at The University of Queensland? Let us know in the comments, and remember, P’s get degrees!
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