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Don’t Do This At Your First Uni Party

Don’t Do This At Your First Uni Party

Your first Uni party is always memorable even if it is a bit forgettable (if you know what I mean). Here is what you absolutely should not do at your first Uni party. These university party tips are useful and will save you from getting totally trashed.

So it’s freshman year, your time of independence and to start a new journey in life has come. You have long awaited this time since secondary, and are eager to meet new opportunities… Including the college social gatherings and community groups. Parties. The idea of college parties seem quite a step up from our usual high school drink ups and Netflix & chill weekends. You’re a college student now, and you feel a newfound sense of pride in the fact you can attend. While there are some great things to be gained from college in general, and college parties are a good way to make friends and to relax after a long week of slugging away at the books, there are some things that perhaps we should consider not doing when it comes to such buzzing social events. Here’s what not to do during your first uni party.

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1. One of the first things you may come across when preparing for your first college party, is what to wear.

You want to look fly on your “coming out” into college society. But remember this tip: Don’t wear anything uncomfortable. While it may be a great idea in theory to strut out in leather pants or your highest heels and shortest skirt, we gotta ask ourselves whether or not we can think of a situation that night where that could be a downfall, or a candid photo moment to haunt you for the rest of the year. Advice: wear something that you love, that you feel good in. Something you know that you can feel 100% safe in. Jeans and a nice top may not be so boring.

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2. No doubt, if you have a roomie or have made a friend in class, you will eventually hover towards them tonight.

And that’s a good thing! The second tip here being: Don’t party alone. You will feel much more comfortable on the long run if you have a mate to talk to during the night. As this is your first party, it is perfectly understandable seeing as you do not know many people. The other thing to consider is, if a person or situation aims to put you in a vulnerable position, then you have someone to keep you accountable, and most importantly, safe. Some examples: someone wanting to do more shots than agreed, or someone trying to get you alone. Advice: find a friend you are comfortable with, and tag team. Keep each other within close proximity. Keep an eye and ear out for each other just in case something embarrassing or compromising occurs or may occur.champagne, party, and alcohol image

3. This point is a tricky one. Try not to get too carried away in the alcohol department.

Sometimes, there won’t be alcohol, and that’s not such a big deal, but when there is, allowing yourself to dive into one too many cans of beer or shots of whisky can be risky. Everyone has a different body and different ways of processing the drink. Some can’t hold it, and some have a bit more experience. Also, remember that everyone responds differently to alcohol and this can effect your decisions at the time. Last thing you need is be put in a compromising situation.Cocktails image

4. Some college parties, may stay in one room, or wander in between several rooms.

We can easily get lost in all the goings on, but the tip for your first or second college party, do not open your door. By leaving the door open, any man and his dog can walk on in, take your stuff, or get busy in there doing who knows what. And when you don’t know a lot of people, this is clearly not a positive thing. It is important for us to remember personal boundaries are a good thing to put in place. By keeping the door open, it then becomes an open invitation to anyone to stroll in, maybe thinking that it is just part of the party. Keeping your door closed, keeps you and your roomies safe from that kind of rudeness.


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5. Last, but not least, it is okay to say “no.”

If you do not wish to drink, its okay to politely decline. Any other situation that you know could lead to an off one, one where you aren’t sure of the outcome, it is perfectly okay to say “no.” Nobody has the right to make you do anything. Reprising the idea expressed in the previous tip, you can open doors (metaphorical) and you can close them. But it is your decision about what lines or personal boundaries you put in place. Personal boundaries are simply healthy and sure ways to keep you safe. Saying “no,” is simply a tool to take into situations, to apply those boundaries.drink and cocktail image


While brief, I hope this list helps you as you progress in college society and hopefully, have a blast while doing it. If you have any other ideas, please put them in the comments. Remember to share if you know some friends who would love to read. Stay fly sky guys and enjoy your first uni party.

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