20 Delicious Places To Eat Near UTS Before You Graduate

Finding good food at the University of technology Sydney is pretty easy considering all the delicious restaurants and cafes in Sydney. Here are the best places to eat near UTS before you graduate!

UTS is surrounded by countless cafes and restaurants, so how are you to know the best ones to dine at? Especially when some are tucked away in corners and others are hidden gems. Here’s a list of the 20 most delicious places to eat near UTS to make sure you’re not missing out.

1. Concrete Jungle

Famous on Instagram for their Blueberry Hotcake and Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl, Concrete Jungle promotes sustainable eating with original and tasty dishes. Located opposite the main building of UTS, this café is an absolute must.



2. The Local Mbassy

When you think of the Local Mbassy, think red velvet. Their popular red velvet lattes, pancakes, frappes, and waffles are all as tasty as they look. With other latte flavours like taro, matcha, and coconut, how could you resist popping in for a coffee?


3. Ribs & Burgers

These burgers and meat dishes are so flavoursome you’ll be licking your fingers afterwards wishing for more. Ribs & Burgers offer every kind of burger you can imagine and endless side dishes. With meat so juicy, the hardest part is deciding what to order.



4. Lush Bucket Cafe

This small but scrumptious café is the ultimate place to have morning tea. They offer all types of finger food at a cheap price. From muffins and cakes to slices and pastries – everything is baked in-house daily. How amazing is that?



5. The Bun Gallery

Fresh and delicious Chinese food made to order at a price uni students can afford, could it get any better? Yes it can! The Bun Gallery is located opposite the UTS library and does take away so you can eat while studying. A personal favourite are the to-die-for pork buns.


6. Qube on Bay

Qube on Bay has clever flavour combinations that make them stand out from the crowd. Their most popular dish, Black Sesame French Toast, is both intriguing and mouth-watering. The only thing better than the presentation is the taste.



7. Anita Gelato

Anita Gelato is a gelato store not quite like you’ve seen before. There’s something for everyone with fruity flavours such as Watermelon & Fresh Mint, and more indulgent flavours like Chocolate with Almonds & Caramel. For that extra bit of sweetness, you can even add toppings!



8. The Caffeine Project

The Caffeine Project boasts about their speciality coffee for a reason. Located right across from the main building of UTS, this café opened their doors a year ago and has since gained a loyal following of coffee-lovers who claim their coffee is the best.


9. The Rabbit Hole

Known for their signature lavender shortbread, The Rabbit Hole is worth the ten-minute walk from UTS. With over twenty types of tea (try the Ginger Snap!) and coffees like Turkish Delight lattes, as well as food that looks insanely pretty, this is the perfect place to sit and write that essay you’ve been putting off.

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10. Penny Lane Bar and Cafe

Burgers, chips, sandwiches, coffee, cakes, milkshakes, pastries – whatever you feel like eating can be found at Penny Lane. A constant hub of activity, Penny Lane is a great place to socialise over good food and maybe a beer or two.




11. Sushizilla

Sushizilla is as fun as its name. Order dishes via the touchscreen at each table, or swipe some plates from the sushi train under the bright-lighted décor. Being located so close to UTS, Sushizilla is even kind enough to offer student discounts.


12. EV Authentic Turkish Cuisine

The HSP is a staple part of every student’s diet. This snack has a cult following and societies dedicated to enjoying these heavenly take-away packs. When you need a break from studying, visit EV for a very generous sized HSP.




13. Something for Jess

Something for Jess isn’t just a coffee shop. They change their menu every week based on seasonal produce. This café is a hidden gem – it’s partially concealed on the street but the inside has obscure décor and fresh, flavourful food.




14. Spice Alley

Eating at Spice Alley is like entering another world. Made up of six eateries along a lantern-lit laneway, Spice Alley offers Malaysian, Cantonese, Japanese, Singaporean, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. After dinner, treat yourself at Koi Dessert Bar. You won’t be able to resist taking a photo.


15. Thai Terrace Exclusive

Tucked away in a corner, it’s easy to walk past this restaurant on your way to the library – but ask any UTS student and they all know Thai Terrace. This restaurant has amazing food that keeps every student coming back for more.

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16. The Upside Cafe

The Upside Café’s slogan perfectly sums up what this place is all about: coffee, burgers, beer. When you need to get away from uni and work, this is the perfect place to come, kick back and relax.


17. Chambers Fine Cafe

For those times when you’re in the middle of studying or smashing out an essay but need a quick coffee break, this is the place to go. Located less than twenty steps from the UTS library front door, Chambers Fine Café has great coffee and a wide variety of food for the pick-me-up you need.



18. TNS Coffee Project

TNS Coffee Project is the type of café you can sit with a coffee and your laptop. It’s small, quirky and serves strong coffee and quality food. To make it even better, it’s just across the street from UTS.



19. The Black Groodle

The Black Groodle is your home away from home. This place wants you to walk away feeling good. Everything about The Black Groodle (from their cakes and sandwiches, to their pies and salads) will taste homemade – just like Mum made it!


20. The Q on Harris

Specialty coffee and healthy, fresh food with an Asian twist. The Q on Harris has a minimalist look but don’t be fooled – this place will leave a lasting impression that’s sure to keep you running back for more.



Can you think of any more places to eat near UTS? Let us know down below!
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