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10 Of The Cutest Summer Quilt Covers

10 Of The Cutest Summer Quilt Covers

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I don’t know about you but I absolutely love finding my new favourites when it comes to quilt covers! As summer approaches, I thought it would be fun to collate some of the best quilts that fit in with the season. Here are 10 of the cutest summer quilt covers!

1. Spotty

Decorate your bedroom with a cute spotted quilt cover! It brings a light and airy feel to your room, and is a great option for summer quilt covers!


2. Leafy

A quilt cover like this just screams summer! Lay on your bed feeling like you are in a tropical oasis with cute summer quilt covers such as this one!

3. Bright Boho

If you’re into that boho vibe, then a lightly coloured comforter like this should fulfill your bohemian needs!


4. Pom-Poms

Plain coloured summer quilt covers like this really bring nice bright vibes to your bedroom! Especially with the added pom poms, so it’s not too simple!


5. Floral

Nothing says summer more then some floral flowers! If you’re trying to take your room from spring to summer, then upgrading your comforter to a style like this will do the trick!

6. Patterned Boho

This quilt cover is super cute and definitely worth a purchase for those of you who may think your bedrooms too plain! A patterned quit cover like this will take your room from boring to fun in minutes!

7. Geometric

If you’re a fan of the patterns, try a bright geometric pattern like the one below! The colours make it one of the cutest summer quilt covers!



8. Light Mandala

This classic mandala pattern can be changed up for every season! This summer, go with a light blue mandala pattern and you won’t be sorry!

9. Dark Mandala

If bright isn’t your thing, we still have some darker mandala options that won’t throw your whole room into a fall or winter looking slump! Try out a plum purple like the one below for a darker summer vibe!


10. Crisp

A crisp and clean cover like this makes for one of the best quilt covers for summer! You don’t have to go over the top for a summer look!


There’s something for everyone (and every style of room) when it comes to perfect summer quilt covers! Let me know which is your favourite, and if you are planning on changing up your quilt cover any time soon!

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