10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

Just because it’s about to get gloomy outside doesn’t mean your nails can’t still be fun. Here are ten cute winter nail designs for you to try, to keep your hands looking hot in the cooler months.

1. Dark and Stormy

Nothing says winter like a moody, bold nail. This classic winter mani makes an annual appearance, so keep it fresh with this years on-trend shades – purple, burgundy and navy will all make a comeback in 2019.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

2. Short and Sweet

This year’s winter nails are all about being functional while still looking chic. Opt for shorter, more practical styles like a classic squared edge, or a medium length oval shape, which allows for plenty of design space while fitting snugly inside your gloves.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

3. All That Glitters

This snowflake inspired winter nail might end up being the closest you’ll get to the snow this year. Clean yet playful, these cool glittery tips are easy enough to create at home and are sure to keep you looking cool. 

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

4. Fancy French Tips

The origins of the French manicure are uncertain:

Some claim that it was indeed created in France – Paris, to be exact – for the fashionistas of the 1930’s. (Others speculate the word “French” was added because it makes anything seem stylish and chic.)

Either way, nothing beats a classic French tip – with the ombre French fade (also known as “baby boomer nails”) dominating nail designs over the last few years. Update this perennial trend with some bold colours.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

5. Back to the Future

Futuristic, metallic nails will bring a little bit of shine to your fingers on those dark winter days. These nails aren’t designed to look natural, so feel free to experiment with a variety of colours and shapes.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

6. Mix It Up

Mismatched nails remain fiercely on-trend, and make for super easy winter nail styles. Try painting your nails in different shades of the same hue, or go all out with a different colour on each nail.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

7. Half Moon Bae

Half moon manicures go all the way back to the 1930’s – as Cassie (of The Reluctant Femme) explains, the style grew from societal conventions:

You see, when ladies wore gloves all the time, one sign of a poor or uncultured woman was dirt under the fingernails from not wearing gloves and maybe even doing some *gasp* manual labour! There sprung up an idea that women who wore nail polish had something to hide – but the half moon manicure lands somewhere halfway between covering up your shameful working class nails, and going completely bare.

Give this vintage trend an updated twist and shake off those outdated ideas by playing around with some cool colours and designs.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

8. The New Nude

Pinks, greys and olives are topping the list of this years’s neutral nail colours. Universally flattering colours are replacing bland beige and tan shades, for a subtle pop of colour that still looks clean and chic.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

9. Vampy Reds

Another classic look that never goes out of style, Francesca Segal tells Vogue the story behind the timeless red tip:

Two messages are at work in the way in which women were encouraged to match Rosie the Riveter’s bright red lipstick on their nails: first, that a love of make-up and strong colour is anything but frivolous. Second, that red nails mean business. Red nails get the job done.

This year’s deep reds fit the darker tone of the season while still holding all the connotations of the feminine hue.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

10. Graphic Design

Go all out with some bold, graphic patterns that are totally customisable for perfect winter nails. Dynamic negative space nails remain popular, as do artsy patterns and cool line art.

10 Cute Winter Nail Designs For You To Try

Do you plan to try any of these winter nail designs in the upcoming months? Let us know your predictions for more winter nail designs in the comments below.

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/813322013932441511/
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