5 Confessions Why I Never Finish Watching TV Series


Confession: I’ve never finished watching a TV series.

Okay, that’s a lie, I have. I finished Elite (because it was only eight episodes, I had the time, and it was super addicting) and Sex And The City because I watched it on TV and thought it was just a season finale, not the actual finale. If I knew that, I wouldn’t have watched it.

Here’s five confessions why I mostly never finish watching TV series.

1. It’s so good that I want it to last forever

Examples: Teen Wolf, Younger, The Carrie Diaries

When most people think a TV series is so good, they binge watch it and finish it and then rewatch it because they’re sad it’s over. Not me. I stop watching a TV series about halfway through because it’s so good I don’t want it to end. Each episode of Teen Wolf was action packed and had great character arcs. As a writer, I admired the writing side, and I learnt a lot. I didn’t want it to end. So, what did I do? I just stopped watching it altogether, and I haven’t watched an episode for two years. Because that was totally logical of me, right?

5 Confessions Why I Never Finish Watching TV Series

2. I saw a spoiler that I don’t want to happen

Examples: Gossip Girl, Teen Wolf

When a show like Gossip Girl ended years ago, YEARS ago, it’s common for it to come up in conversation and people no longer care about trying to keep things a secret because if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s on you. It’s your fault. And I agree with that concept. But I’m still upset I found out who Gossip Girl is because there’s no mystery now. Also, I have to read the books first (see point four).

Also, on Teen Wolf, I saw spoilers that one of my favourite characters died and that was just so heartbreaking. So, if I never finish watching the TV series, they will be eternally alive in my mind. It’s logical, right?

5 Reasons Why I Never Finish Watching TV Series


3. I forget to watch it for one day, so now I’m never returning

Example: One Tree Hill, Teen Wolf, Younger + many, many more

These shows were all GOOD shows. But I’m an obsessive routine person. I only allow myself to watch one episode of a show a day.

As a reader and writer, I feel like I need to spend more time reading and writing than watching TV. After all, novels don’t write themselves. And watching too much TV isn’t a ‘productive’ use of my time. And, I have so much creative energy I just need to do something. And my mind usually wanders when watching TV.

So, I watched one episode every day and then suddenly one day my routine was disrupted. So, I kind of forgot about it, and then I COMPLETELY forgot about it.

5 Confessions Why I Never Finish Watching TV Series


4. I realise it’s based on a book and I have to read the book first

Example: Pretty Little Liars

I’m a ‘I have to read the book before the film’ person. Well, in this case, TV series.

If I watch a TV series or movie first, then when I read the book there’s spoilers, and there’s no surprises, and I’m not reading the book for the story, I’m just reading it as a writer for research purposes.

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But if I watch a series and a ‘spoiler’ comes up, it doesn’t seem so spoilery for me. Weird, right? I don’t even know where I get my logic.

TV series based on books are usually only based on the characters. A few storylines may stay the same, but they mostly veer completely off course so it wouldn’t matter if I hadn’t read the books because it wouldn’t be too ‘spoilery’.

But I still don’t. Because you know, just in case they are.

5 Reasons Why I Never Finish Watching TV Series


5. There are so many shows to watch

Example: Skins, The Carrie Diaries

Most TV series go on forever and ever. At first, I’m invested and interested but then they go on for so long, and I’m a watch one episode per day person so for me it can take a year or two to finish a series. And there’s just sooo many shows out there. So I want to try something else out and sample a bit of everything because I’m not going to be able to finish watching every TV series before I die.

Kind of ironic how the shows I listed aren’t even that long.

5 Confessions Why I Never Finish Watching TV Series

Do you abandon a TV series before it’s done? If so, why? Or are you a binge-watcher?

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