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20 Casual Style Tips for Guys Who Want to Look Sharp

20 Casual Style Tips for Guys Who Want to Look Sharp

Casual style tips for guys who want to look sharp and put together!

When going into battlefield, you would need the right armour. Whether you have a rugged edgy look or a nice guy look, looking sharp is what we are trying to accomplish when going to a party or meeting our partner’s parents for the first time. Just like James Bond or Tony Stark, you would need to have the right armour for every occasion. If you don’t have an eye for style, here are some tips to bring with you to the front lines. Below are 20 casual style tips for guys who want to look sharp!

1. Know The Basics

You may or may not have heard of the sayings “showers work wonders” and/or “cleanliness is next to godliness,” but these will guide you to looking sharp in no time. Keeping yourself clean won’t only keep you away from sickness, but also odours. When you’re tidy, it’s going to appeal to people that you have got yourself together. According to Lohaus, A., Keller, H., & Voelker, S. (2001) it’s a physiological fact that people concentrate on your attention to detail, it’s a general indicator of how well you do life. So, get your shizzz together bro! Oh! Just so you know, this also applies to man-buns and facial hair.

2. Have The Right Proportions

Remember when you were a child buying new clothes and your mother would tell you to get a size bigger than what you are? This might have been understandable when you were a growing child, but now you’re a grown-as man! You would either look like Harvey Specter or Tracy McGrady when he wore that baggy suit in 2013. You should get the right size for you. There are many sales men or ladies to help you with this. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you could also ask a person with fashion sense to accompany you. This should apply for all your clothing items; pants, shirts, socks, you name it!


3. Stay Away From Graphic Tees!

This is the easiest way to look sharp when wearing a casual style clothing. Wear plains. Plain, neutral colours will be your best buds. They will not only make you look stylish but also dapper

4. Colours Matter

To look sharp, you need to remember that colours matter. You need to know which colours suit you. You don’t want to wear clothes that make you look like ghost or a burnt toast, do you? When choosing a colour, remember that the colour should complement your skin colour and not criticize it.

5. Open Your Mind To The Possibilities Of The Military Colour Palette

This colour palette is the coolest and the most underrated colour palette. It gives you flair that cannot compete with another colour palette.


6. Accessorise Responsibly

When you’re accessorising, you need to have everything match. If you’re going with a black leather watch, partner it with a black leather belt. But don’t ever, pair it with a brown leather belt.  Also, you need everything to flatter you. If you don’t suit stainless steel silver, then try gold. Just remember, don’t use them together! Or else, it will be a disaster!

7. Never Wear: Oversized Bracelets

They don’t look good on anybody! NOUGH’ SAID.

8. Always Wear A Watch

You may think that wearing a watch is not essential today, because of how we carry our phones with us everywhere, but it is. It doesn’t only make you look as classy as Jordan Belfort from the ‘Wolf of Wall street’, but it also supports the idea of you having your shizzz together; by having the time on your wrist all the time.


9. Confidence Is Your Weapon

Remember that your style could only work if you have confidence in yourself. Wearing confidence could instantly make you look smart and sharp. “Fashions fade, but [your] style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent.

10. Ironing Will Be Added To Your Chores

It does not only remove the wrinkles, but it also removes the stress of having to think about what other people think about your freshly dried wrinkly clothes.

11. Layer Your Outfit, If Possible

It looks better with more dimension to it. A black leather jacket can do miracles to a plain white shirt. Just don’t overdo it.


12. Keep It Simple

Again, don’t overdo it. This means that you don’t have to get in-depth with the fashion world or else you’ll just look too radical.

13. Base Your Look On Classic Styles

Think about the 1950’s black leather jacket and white tee combo, instead of wearing this exact style you could change the colour of the shirt or of the leather jacket. However, don’t change both clothing items because the foundation of the style would be gone.

14. Consider Suede Or Leather Shoes

They do not only look good with everything, but they will also make your outfit go from “0 – 100… real quick.” These shoes will be your combat boots when tackling conversations with the most fashionable people in your life.


15. Ditch The Hoodies

Instead of hoodies, think about wearing casual sweaters instead. Anything without hoods is what you want to wear when trying to look sharp. Sport jackets, leather jackets, or overcoats are the best to do the job.

16. Choose The Right Pants

Choosing pants is not as easy as choosing shoes, they require precision. You want the best pair of pants that elongates your legs. You want pants that aren’t too tight and too baggy. Not too long and not too short. Navy blue, khaki, maroon or black are the best colours for pants.


17. Hair Is Everything!

You may think that you look like ‘The Great Gatsby’ from the shoulder down, but trust me, if you have untamed hair like Chewbacca no-one will care. Hair frames your whole look as it it also frames your face; therefore, the style of your hair is super important. When styling your hair, you would need to know your face shape first.  Remember, when you want to look sharp you would need your hair to look sharp too!

Here’s a guideline of how to determine your face shape:


And here are the haircuts and styles that may suit each one of these shapes:

18. Sunglasses Are A Must

Whether it’s Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring, sunglasses are a must. Have you ever seen a celebrity without them? They do not only make you look like a million bucks but they have also become a gesture when roasting people.


Just like haircuts/styles, the type of shades that you wear are also important. Here are the style guides for different face shapes:

19. Dress Like A Man, Not A Boy!

This might just be the hardest rule for men to follow because we have a little boy living in all of us that will never grow up. However, if we show that we could separate our immature clothing from our mature ones, this is a sign of ‘adulting’ which is very sexy. What I mean by immature clothes are clothing such as: shoes with wheels, graphic tees, short shorts, so on… and mature clothes on the other hand are: plain, sleek pieces that are listed all throughout this article. Avoid the immature clothes to avoid being a man-child.

20. Don’t Worry About Your Body Shape

Remember that your size doesn’t matter, it’s the size of the clothing that does. This is what I have been saying all through the article, you could change what you’re wearing but not how you’re made.

Do you have any more style tips for guys who want to look sharp? Share in the comments below!
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