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10 Bond University Societies You Should Join

10 Bond University Societies You Should Join

Bond University societies are remarkable. There are many clubs you can join at Bond University if you are looking for extracurricular activities.

!A major part of university life is taking part in the extra-curricular activities that are available! At Bond University, we are lucky enough to have an extensive variety of clubs and societies. You are bound to find at least one that tickles your fancy! Here are 10 Bond University societies and clubs you should join!

1. Cheerleading Club

If you know me, you won’t be surprised to see that the Bond University Cheerleading Club is number one on my list! I first joined the cheer team in my first semester at Bond, and instantly fell in love with the sport! If you want to feel like you are part of a fun family, then this is definitely the club for you! The competitions and performances are so enjoyable, and the improvement you see, both in yourself and as a team, is such a great feeling!


2. French Enthusiasts

The Bond University French Enthusiasts Club is another very cool student organised club! It was established to increase awareness of the culture and language of France, and educate the Bond community in all things French! They hold some very fun events, like movie nights and food festivals! I would definitely recommend checking them out!

3. Pride Alliance

This group is one that makes me so proud of the Bond students! The alliance provides support and builds awareness of issues relating to the LGBTI+ community within Bond and in the wider community! They hold fun events and also meet and greets, which is a great way to meet and interact with other Bondies!



4. Scuba Club

One of the more unique clubs, this is a great way divers can meet other like-minded individuals and participate in enjoyable dives! An example of one of the cool things you can do with the club is head on a 3 day adventure to the Great Barrier Reef and go diving an incredible ELEVEN times!


5. Whither Fashion

Whither Fashion is one of those clubs that is a little bit different. Remember earlier when I said you are bound to find at least one club that interests you? This could be that one. This club runs a blog, which features member’s content and explores some pretty amazing fashion. Check them out, for sure!

6. Animal Welfare League

BAWL is a student-run club which focuses on creating awareness regarding animal welfare issues, both on and off-campus. They do some fabulous work in this area and you can even experience some delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine through their events.


7. United Nations Student Association

BUUNSA aims to ‘reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person’ and promote ‘social progress and better standards’. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something so amazing?! One of the pretty amazing initiatives they are currently involved with is ‘do it in a dress’, which raises money to give girls in Africa an education. This is just one of the impressive campaigns they hold each semester!


8. Vocal Group

This is one of those clubs that is perfect if you want to get to know more people! It is a fun hang out where you can sing and eat sushi and enjoy being around other people who enjoy doing that too! What have you got to lose by giving it a go? Who wouldn’t want to join this Bond University societies club?

9. Entrepreneurship Collective

This is a very interesting group. It can help driven students get where they want to go with their entrepreneurial ideas! This club connects students with resources and networking opportunities. You should explore this club if you have a business idea.


10. Debating Union

For a club with a little bit of competition if you find you aren’t interested in the sporting clubs, the debating union is for you! They host debating competitions for students, along with development seminars and can even help you get involved with external debating competitions. They cater for all skill levels, so go check them out!

There are so many amazing Bond University societies and clubs it makes deciding difficult. You will have a great time regardless!

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There are so many clubs and Bond University societies that are accessible! Hopefully this list of has kick-started some inspiration.
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