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10 Bond University Freshers Week Facts

10 Bond University Freshers Week Facts

Bond University Freshers week is a blast. At Bond Uni there is a lot that goes on that week so make the most of it. Here are my freshers week tips for you!

Freshers Week is one of the most iconic parts of starting university. Freshers Week (commonly referred to as O’Week) at Bond University is no exception. It is all about really fun social events that help you meet new people and explore your new campus! Here are 10 things I wish I knew before I went to Freshers Week at Bond University.

1. Everyone wants to be your friend.

One of the major things I noticed about Freshers Week is how keen everyone is to be friends with everyone! You go to any event and you meet about 30 new people every time. It is really exciting and makes the first week in a new place really fun, but…

2. Not everyone actually cares about you.

I noticed that after the first few weeks, people seem to fall into their own groups and those people who wanted to be your best friend no longer say any more than a ‘hello’ as you pass on campus. It was sometimes hard to feel like those people who seemed invested in you, no longer feel you matter. But, at the end of the day, I am so grateful for the true friends I have made during my first year at Bond.

3. You will drink more then you ever have before.

It is a party week if there ever was one. Having left home and feeling the greatest sense of freedom leads to a lot of drinking opportunities. It can be really easy to go too hard, too quickly…

4. So, pace yourself.

Its a week-long event, not just one night, so if you plan on drinking the whole week, try to pace yourself so you don’t fall into the endless cycle of binge drinking at night, followed by days in bed surrounded by Macca’s for a hangover cure. You want to turn up to at least one of the day time social events, right?

5. You’re too busy to be homesick.

After just moving to university, meeting new people and learning brand new things, it is a very busy time in your life. You will likely find that you are, in fact, so busy that you don’t have time to miss your home and the people you have left (just yet).

6. Your parents miss you.

Although being too busy to miss them may be the case for you, your parents and the other people you have left are going to miss you! Make sure to keep in contact with them as they are undoubtedly so excited to hear from you and find out everything that has been going on!

7. Everyone is as clever as you.

You have come to Bond University to get a degree in your area of interest. At school you may have been one of the few that was knowledgeable about that particular learning area, but now it seems everyone else is on par with you! It is a learning experience, but it is important to remember that you are there to learn, and you don’t always have to be the ‘smartest’ person in the room.

8. Make the most of the free stuff.

One of the coolest things you will notice during fresher week at Bond University are all the amazing free things you can pick up along the way! There are plenty of chances to grab free samples along the way, from chocolates all the way up to portable chargers, so make the most of it!

9. You don’t have to go to every. Single. Event.

There are a lot of things changing in your life over this week, and it is fair enough that you may not feel up for every event. Respect yourself and make decisions that you can be happy with- if you don’t want to go, don’t go.

10. It takes time to work out what you’re doing.

As I mentioned a couple of times during this article, there are a heck of a lot of changes happening over this week. No one expects you to turn up to your first day and know it all. Sure, you will likely turn up to the wrong room or get your times mixed up and turn up three hours early for an appointment. Don’t stress, learning takes time!


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Hopefully you are really excited about starting uni and coming to Freshers Week (and you should be, it is a fantastic experience). And, fingers crossed this list of things I wish I had known before I went to freshers week at Bond University has helped you!
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