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The 10 Best Wedding Dresses For All Body Shapes

The 10 Best Wedding Dresses For All Body Shapes

Finding wedding dresses for all body shapes can be difficult, but these beautiful dresses look great on plus size, curvy, skinny women and more!

The dress – it has to be the one, if not THE biggest choice leading up to your big day. There are so many different options when it comes to wedding dresses, and finding the perfect one for you can sometimes be difficult. I thought it would be fun to find the 10 best wedding dresses for all body shapes!

1. Short

Why not step away from the traditional length and rock a shorter dress? This is particularly perfect during those warmer months, and can look great on everyone!

2. Long

If you want to go for something more traditional, then stick to the long dress style. This look is lovely for wintery weddings.


3. Train

For something a little extra, why not add a train to your dress? What says “it’s my day and I know it” more than that?

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4. Off-the-shoulder

An off-the-shoulder look can be gorgeous if you want to add some statement jewellery or really show off your hair-do!

5. ‘Ball gown’

This is one of the typical movie dresses of wedding dresses… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Likely, this will be the closest any of us will ever come to being a real princess!


6. Straight

For something more modern, try a straight cut. This can really show off your body and is somewhat more simplistic than the gown style.

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7. Mermaid

This is one of those looks where you know you will be the highlight of the day.. and that’s the aim, right?

8. Trumpet

Similar to the mermaid dress, the trumpet is almost a little more traditional. Pair it with a gorgeous headpiece and you are set!


9. Backless

I absolutely love the backless wedding dress look, and in this case it really helps to showcase the gorgeous backing. Next time you’re trying on wedding dresses, make sure to add this to your pile!


10. Sleeves

Sleeves are a nice touch to any style, and lace is just stunning! Just be careful not to rip a massive hole in your sleeve with your flashy wedding ring!


Although these tend to be the styles most people lean towards as their choice, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and find something that is a little bit more of your style, and reflects your personality. After all, it is your big day!


What are some of your favourite wedding dresses for all body shapes? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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