5 Best Student Bars In Sydney

5 Best Student Bars In Sydney

Being a student in Sydney isn’t easy. Rents are astronomical, a degree doesn’t guarantee employment and the competitive nature of the city can dark you out on a regular basis. 

Perhaps that’s why many of our happiest memories as students are sinking a few bevies at a student bar amongst friends in the sunshine, often accompanied by that sinking feeling your probably not going to get going on that essay today. The ideal watering hole needs to be close to campus, boast generous student specials and create a generally relaxed vibe.

So here are some of the finest student bars the city has on offer, all of which are perfect backdrops to the familiar suggestion that everyone partakes in just one more round.  


The Royal

Just a hop, skip and jump from the City Road side of the University of Sydney campus, this fine establishment has been the locale of choice of student bars for numerous questionable mid-week student piss ups. The bar is a particularly popular choice thanks to the rotating dinner specials, including the legendary $10 steak and chips. The trivia nights are also regularly populated by aspiring game show entreats taking a break from their studies. The layout is excellent, bar staff friendly and it’s pretty close to Redfern station. Of course, the student jug specials are what really keep it overflowing with Usyd’s best and finest.

The Landsdowne

Once a truly TBD dive bar and host to the once great Sydney rock’n’roll scene, The Landsdowne seemed doomed to the all too familiar lockout law induced demise. Luckily, it was reborn in 2015 and quickly established itself as one of the best student bars around. This is your go-to for a bigger night, with two levels of fun that allow the place to truly provide something for every student. I’m talking scene kids chaining darts in the downstairs smokers, surrounded by the problematic Playboy covers that decorate the walls and stripper pole that’s caused multiple drunken bones. Head upstairs for a more relaxed open-air bar and impressive concert room, where you could be grooving all night long. Forget about that overdue essay and get moving!

Bar Broadway

This cheap and cheerful old faithful is a favourite for University of Technology students. It’s just across the road from the easily recognisable brutalist tower. The questionable Thai food, pool tables aplenty and a cast of invariably colourful characters are all hallmarks of this reliable institution. The big selling point is the student specials, which include ridiculously cheap spirits if you want to really forget about the perils of tertiary education. Indeed, this is easily one of the most affordable student bars for any young Sydneysider on a serious budget – this is one of the most expensive cities in the world after all.




I’d be remiss to compose this list without including my own favourite haunt, the University of Sydney Union mainstay Hermanns. I must confess I may have spent more time here then I did in tutorials but how could one resist? It was always near impossible to walk through the beer garden, with it’s slowly uprooting tables, without bumping into someone. The conversation always flowed as freely as the free jugs from various C&S events. I took personal offense when my campus safe space was closed for renovation. However, the industrial setting and new cocktails aren’t all bad. If you have the munchies, the venerable mainstay is right next to the run down Wentworth foodcourt. So settle in, roll a ciggie and sip away.

The Roundhouse

This UNSW student union hotspot has a proud history as an iconic live music venue and student sanctuary that stretches back decades. Recently renovated, the establishment has more of an events and functions focus. From youthful ragers to the hottest tours, your sure to find something to pique your interest. Of course, for Kensington based Uni kids it’ll always be associated mainly with pints and procrastination.

What are your suggestions for student bars in Sydney? Let us know in the comments!

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