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The 10 Best Restaurants in Adelaide To Try

The 10 Best Restaurants in Adelaide To Try

Here are the best restaurants in Adelaide to try. These Adelaide restaurants are to-die-for and have unforgettable food. Check out Adelaide dining.

Adelaide is known for having some of the best restaurants. If you are ever visiting or just haven’t been to these places, here are the best restaurants in Adelaide to try. These top ten spots are delicious!


I recently went to 50sixone because of all the hype about this restaurant. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. This small restaurant is situated on King William Road and has a industrial, relaxing vibe. We had the option of sitting outside or inside, and we decided to go outside since it was sunny. It was beautiful, theres some shade and parts where the sun can shine through, with a mix of plants and the sounds of laughter, it was a wonderful place to sit and have lunch. 50sixone is most popular for their milkshakes or sweet treats however I opted for the ‘Garden Gangster’ and my friend went for the Burger. It was so delicious, I can’t wait to go to back and try the milkshakes!

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Now, I don’t want to come off as bias because I work for Pizzateca, but I can safely say the best pizza in Adelaide is at Pizzateca. Not to mention being at the restaurant is a little slice of Italia. The restaurant is placed in McLaren Vale on a large plot of land for big parties, romantic days or day with the kids to run around in the grass out front. The ever changing menu and the best tasting pizza will have your tummy singing happy. If you go, you must try the salami pizza and the antipasto plate and wash it down with a castello beer. The classic Italian music and the feel of the restaurant sings Italy and you didn’t even need to leave Adelaide!


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Spargos is an all time favourite. My friends and I go here quite often for the chicken schnitzel and chips. Spargos is located in Marion shopping centre, however is placed in the quiet parts with outside seating if you prefer. This scandinavian style restaurant is most popular for lunch time but is also the perfect place to go before seeing a movie. They have a mix of food changing with the seasons.

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San Churros

San Churros is another must try, this restaurant is located all over Adelaide, Marion, and Rundle just to name a few. The one in Marion is quite popular with little couches around the back of the restaurant, its very cozy in winter. With a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and some churros in the other, spending the night with friends or by yourself its the perfect spot.

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Hotel Richmond

Hotel Richmond is another must try when in Adelaide. It provides a bar setting, with ‘Fashion First’ fashion shows. I went to one not too long ago and it was a fun night out with friends. We stayed and had a couple of drinks. Friendly staff that cater to every need and a gorgeous lounging, seating area. Upstairs you can go out on the balcony and see the mall, and inside is full on ornamental pieces, lounges, lights, oh there is no way to describe it, you simply must see it.

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The Bush Inn

Located in Willunga, The Bush Inn is a quaint little pub/restaurant with great atmosphere. An absolute must try is the Mac n Cheese bites. It comes in squares of four, with bacon jam. Bacon jam! Who knew that was even a thing? It is amazing. The steaks are to die for, and the chips are heavenly. It is classic food, with a wooden setting, perfect for the winter to cozy up by the fire. It almost feels like you’re in a cabin.

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The Moseley

Now if you haven’t heard of the Moseley you are living under a rock. The Moseley is the classic girl catch up. However, The Moseley is most popular on Saturdays and Sundays, they have a big bar vibe with a DJ. You will have to wait outside. There’s a nice balcony with a very modern chic decor. The lamb and wild rice is a must-try dish. It is the nicest meal I have ever had and I’m constantly craving it. It will not be forgotten, you must try it.

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The Playford Restaurant

This place oozes luxury and class, with large chandeliers hanging to white table cloths. The risotto and duck two ways is the most popular dishes and wont disappoint. The buffet breakfast has the top rating and the staff are most excellent and cater to everyones needs.


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Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby is on King William Road across from Rundle Mall. This restaurant has a very dark, industrial setting below ground. With every type of burger you have plenty of options, and don’t forget to wash it down with a beer as they are most popular. It is a gem of a place and you simply must experience the best burgers in Adelaide.



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The Gallery

This rooftop bar provides a great night for large parties or a drink with friends. The D’asti Docg moscato from Piedmont, Italy is the best tasting moscato I have ever drank. I often find myself with friends in The Gallery just for that glass of wine and the cooling breeze from the rooftop. They provide cozy seats and heating so you’re not too cold, with fine dining music to set the tone.

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These are my top ten restaurants in Adelaide. If you have an recommendations or anything to add, leave them in the comments below. Enjoy!
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