10 Best Places You Didn’t Realize Could Cater Your Grad Party


Planning a grad party can be stressful. You should be relaxing and celebrating now that you’re done with school and yet you’re party planning. Well, you can check one thing off your list of details to plan and things to stress over. We’ve got you covered with the best places to cater your party. You and your friends will have a fantastic time celebrating your graduation and enjoying this amazing food.

1. 196 Below

If you’re looking for someone to cater to your sweet tooth, then 196 Below is the perfect company for you! Your grad party guests will be offered the ice-cream flavours and toppings of their choosing. You’ll even have the luxury of ordering from an ice-cream truck, where two professionals will combine your desired flavours together! This ensures that your sweet treats won’t melt on their way to your function.

2. Zambrero

Are your grad party guests craving Mexican food? Zabrero offer burritos and bowls with on-the-house corn chips. The best part? They also attend to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free needs! This means that everyone at your grad party can eat until the top button of their jeans pops open.


3. Roll’d

If you’re looking for something a little healthier for your grad party, but still super tasty, why not submit an order for some Vietnamese food? Choose from seven different catering boxes filled with different kinds of rice paper rolls and other goodies to cater for your grad party guests!

4. Grill’d

Bet you didn’t know that this popular healthy burger chain could cater your graduation party! These guys attend to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free requirements and leave you with the difficult decision of choosing which sliders, salads, and chips you should order!

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5. Schnitz

Whether you’re craving burgers or tortilla wraps, Schnitz has you covered. With a range of fillings, dipping sauces and crumbed and crumb-free meats, you’re sure to order something that everyone at your grad party will enjoy!

6. Sushi Sushi

Ordering sushi is a healthy and delicious way to stifle the rumbling stomachs of those at your graduation! Sushi Sushi hand-make their sushi and sashimi rolls with fresh fish, meat and veggies. There are also vegetarian options for you to indulge in, and they are delivered in generous portion sizes. This healthy option is the perfect way to satisfy everyone attending your graduation!


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7. Oriental Teahouse

Located in the Melbourne CBD, this Chinese restaurant offers you their private dining space to ensure that you have the perfect function! They also pay strict attention to lighting and decor to give your gathering an elegant feel. However, if you’re insistent on hosting your grad party elsewhere, Oriental Teahouse can fix you up a great kit for you to pick up or have delivered.


8. Cupcake Queens

Cupcakes serve two functions: they look aesthetically pleasing, and they usually taste really good. The Cupcake Queens bake beautifully fresh cakes with boldly flavoured frostings and surprising fillings! This company also creates cupcakes of different sizes, so whether you’re only looking for a mini treat to nibble on, or something larger, the Cupcake Queens have your back.


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9. Loving Hut

This one is for the vegans! To make sure you’re catered for at your grad party, call up Loving Hut for an order! This company will provide you with amazing salads, rice or noodle-based hot foods, and desserts. Some of their meals even include vegan meats and cheeses, so your plate will be filled with an abundance of amazing textures and flavours!


10. Sumo Salad

To top off our list of places that can cater your grad party, here’s another healthy option! Sumo salad have a great selection of dishes created with pasta, vegetables, grains and couscous. For those wanting something a little more ‘substantial,’ why not go for a chicken sandwich, wrap or crunchy roll? With their fresh ingredients, Sumo Salad are bound to persuade you to become a loyal customer.

Did you order from any of these catering companies or have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/186195765828968075/
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