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10 Best Places To Cry At UQ When You Just Can’t Anymore

10 Best Places To Cry At UQ When You Just Can’t Anymore

Uni at the tail end of the semester can become extremely overwhelming. If you're looking to shed some tears, here are the best places to cry at UQ.

Uni at the tail end of the semester can become extremely overwhelming. Balancing assignments and exam preparation with family, friends and jobs becomes somewhat impossible. Sometimes you just need to let it all out and have a good cry. If you’re looking to shed some tears, here are the best places to cry at UQ.

1. Great Court

The Great Court is the perfect place for crying as no matter how weird you are, there will always be a weirder person sitting on the grass. From Christian group meetings to International tourists having photo-shoots, there is so much people watching potential, meaning that you and your tears will blend in.


2. Walter Harrison Law Library

If you are going to be a mess you may as well do it in a classy place. This beautiful new facility is filled with prestigious (and wanker) lawyers who probably also feel like crying. The building is a dark, cluttered place; probably like your mind.

3. Rooftop balcony of Advanced Engineering

The advanced engineering building (49) holds the secret gem of UQ, a rooftop balcony. It is the perfect place to get the waterworks flowing. The view is stunning. Overlooking the UQ lakes, the whole campus and the city of Brisbane, this view provides the perfect place to reflect on life.


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4. Socialist Stand at the Grassy Knoll

We all have problems in life, however the infamous socialist groups who gather almost daily at the Grassy Knoll will quickly reassure you that your problems are nothing. If you go and cry here, you will be lectured about topics such as “Closing detention centres” or “marriage equality”. They will probably make you cry more.

Grassy Knoll - Home of the socialists


5. Global Change Institute

It is a room with a glass ceiling and a plant wall. What is not to love about that? You can watch the clouds float by as you shed tears.

6. Stairs that lead to nowhere

In Sir William MacGregor Building (64), there is a stair case which meets the ceiling. The staircase, since it is not a thoroughfare provides a silent place to cry. You will be cheered up by the fact that you were not the idiot who designed something so impractical.


7. UQ Aquatic Centre

No one can see you crying if you are in water. Cry and exercise at the same time. It’s a win/win.


8. Food court (preferably outside GYG)

It hard to have a breakdown when you are consuming the Mexican goodness that is Guzman and Gomez. The “HOLA” that the staff greet you with will instantly brighten your day. The smell of Mexican will make you cry tears of joy. The taste of guacamole will restore direction in your life.

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9. Level 3 toilets in Chemistry Building (68)

Perhaps the nicest toilets on campus. Groovy, detached rooms are never busy. Cry in comfort; these rooms are soundproof and have dramatic, moody lighting. There’s paper towels to dry your eyes. You can cry here for as long as you want and no one will notice.

10. HASS Library Level 2

What is the first rule of libraries? Silence. Well apparently not on level two of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. You could set up a DJ booth here and people would barely notice the noise. This means you can cry as loud as you want and no one will hear you. Happy crying!


Where are your favorite places to cry at UQ when you just can’t anymore? Share in the comments below!
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