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10 Best Places To Cry At Bond University When You Just Can’t Anymore

10 Best Places To Cry At Bond University When You Just Can’t Anymore

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Bond University

A wonderful yet crazy place – Bond University. A place where assignments are always due. A place where there is some or the party at Don’s every week. It is also a place where you may or may not make some questionable life choices. So, in the process of stressing over work, what outfit to wear or even your future, there are times when you just can’t anymore. If you don’t want your dorm mates to find out and are probably wondering where the best places to cry on campus are. Here are the 10 best places to cry at Bond University.

Get your tissues ready.

1. The Library’s Silent Section

The library features two entire floors devoted to silent studying. Just the right place to collect your thoughts and collect your tears. No one will bother you as long as your quiet tears don’t turn into wails.


2. The Thinking Stairs

Just like in the movies. Plug in your earphones, play some sad song and cry away. If anything, this will add a little dramatic touch.

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3. By the Lake

Speaking of dramatic, you can sit by the lake and ponder over your thoughts. It’s a nice spot to be by yourself. If you see anyone else there all by themselves, chances are, they are crying too.

4. The Bell Tower

This area is restricted. So, for all those Rebels, the Bell Tower is just the place for you. Cry as much as you want. The campus view is guaranteed to make you feel better (see below).


5. The Counsellor’s Office

Go ahead and make use of this free facility at Bond University and by free, I mean, you have already paid for these services (your ridiculously high tuition fees.. remember?)


6. The ADCO amphitheatre

Another great spot to be by yourself and cry.. just not on a Wednesday!

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7. The Batlabs Bathrooms

Yes, this very cliché, but also the best place to cry. People don’t bother to investigate in bathrooms (not everyone likes to stand in a bathroom and start a conversation.. I do that, but not everyone!) There’s a bonus here, it’s the perfect place to dab water under your eyes once you’re done (no-one will ever know)


8. The Gymnasium

It’s obviously not the most obvious place to cry and yes, people are going to stare but they will either think that your workout is making you crazy or you are just sweating.


9. The Bridge

You probably won’t come across any students here but the security guard is likely to come up to you ask if you’re okay. Just tell him or her that you’re just admiring how stunning our Bond University campus is.


He might stand there with you till you decide to leave.

10. Anywhere else

Sometimes you don’t need an excuse or a spot to cry on campus. It’s normal to cry while walking around on campus or at the Brasserie (because the food is so expensive or you miss your mom’s home cooked meal) or anywhere else that suits you. Yes, people are going to stare, but does it matter when you’re in an existential crisis?


Whatever helps you to calm down is acceptable as long as it’s legal.

All jokes aside, if you’re feeling overwhelmed it is important to take care of yourself. Talk to your friends, talk to your professors, talk to your parents or talk to the counsellor. Don’t over-commit, feel pressured, or forget to take a second to do things you enjoy, like going to the beach, you’re in Gold Coast for God’s sake!!


University is supposed to be the best experience of your life – not just a flood of tears.

Where do you think the best places to cry at Bond University are? Comment below!
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