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10 Best Places In Adelaide To Eat On A Budget

10 Best Places In Adelaide To Eat On A Budget

These are the best places in Adelaide to eat on a budget. These affordable restaurants in Adelaide are delicious. Check out where to eat in Adelaide.

It can sometimes be a struggle to find a restaurant or cafe that provides good food but is affordable at the same time. I totally understand the pain of really wanting to go out for a nice meal but being worried about how much of a dent it will put in my savings, so that is why I have comprised a list of places in Adelaide have great food for affordable prices. The following places all serve incredible food and are my top 10 best places in Adelaide to eat on a budget!

1- Jarn Leva

Jarn Leva provides its customers cheap, fresh and tasty Vietnamese food. I am personally an absolute sucker for Vietnamese food and simply cannot get enough. Jarn Leva is my go-to place if I’m looking for something that is delicious and affordable for my lunch. Located in Rundle Mall, downstairs in the David Jones Centre, it is is the perfect place to get an affordable bite to eat!


2- Fancy Burger

Seriously good food.
With loads of locations around Adelaide, you’ll be sure to find this restaurant in a place that is convenient for you. I highly recommend this place. The service is great, the food is even better and it won’t put a dent in your savings either! One of my favorite, and the best places in Adelaide to eat on a budget.

3- Pera Kahve

Located in Glenelg, this sweet cafe has so much to offer. It is really great value for money, the servings are huge and surprisingly cheaper than most breakfast places. The dishes are delicious, filling and there truly is something for everyone.


4- Miss Mai

With affordable prices, fresh food and a convenient location for those who work or study in the city, Miss Mai is hard to look past for great food on the go. From Bahn Mi’s to Vietnamese Salad, Miss Mai is a great place to grab a cheap bite for lunch.


5- North Indian Cuisine

This place is really more than meets the eye. The servings are insanely generous and the food is nothing but tasty. For convenient, fast and affordable Indian food, I highly recommend North Indian Cuisine.

6- Sit Lo

Another one for Asian Cuisine lovers looking for an affordable bite. Sit Lo is always busy and it is clear to see why. With affordable prices, healthy and fresh food and the perfect location (Bank Street in the City), Sit Lo is definitely a place you have to go! You may want to book though, they always have lines out the door!!


7- Fasta Pasta

Not the most fancy or authentic place in Adelaide for Pasta, but it sure is the best value for money. The serves are generous and delicious and there are a lot of options to choose from. With heaps of locations around Adelaide, Fasta Pasta is a great place to grab lunch or dinner from!


8- The Cumby

With heaps of food specials every night of the week, The Cumby is hard to look past. Ranging from cheap, delicious pizzas, to burgers and schnitzels, The Cumby has all the classic pub meal options for affordable prices. The food is of extremely high quality and sure to fill you up. You can choose to sit outside in the delightful beer garden, or in the inside where it is cosy. Grab yourself a nice little something to drink while you’re here too! It really is one of the best places in Adelaide to eat on a budget.


9- Mandoo

This place is surprisingly cheap for what you get. I highly recommend the dumplings that they do there- they are of high quality and really tasty, with options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians!


10- The Windmill Hotel

With a $12.90 lunch menu and nightly specials The Windmill Hotel provides great food for less money. For example, grab a pizza for $12 on a Monday or a schnitzel and a pint on a Wednesday for $15. Whatever day or night works for you, The Windmill Hotel definitely has you covered for affordable and delicious food!

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