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8 Best Lip Colors For This Winter

8 Best Lip Colors For This Winter

Winter lip colors are difficult. To pick a dark tone or a bright color to counteract the effects of winter? Boost your fashion aesthetic with these colors.

Lip colors can be a frightening experience, especially in winter when the colour seems to drain from the earth. Boost your mood and style with a bold lip color that everyone will enjoy—and want to copy!

1. Black

Black is one of the scariest lip colors out there, but with the perfect makeup and accessories, this lip color is perfect for winter. Liven up a worn-in look, or turn your work outfit up to 100. Placing a red, purple, or nude tone in the middle can tone down black lipstick; just dab the colour into the centre of your black lip to reduce the impact. Go dark with a bold eye for a gothic vibe, or choose a soft eye look to allow your lips the spotlight. Outline your lips first to avoid over painting them—this is a good tip regardless of color.

2. Red

Red is always in. This is one of the best lip colors when you choose the correct tone. Bright, blue-reds are perfect for those of us with cool-toned skin, whereas those with warm skin-tones should opt for an orange-red. Make your lipstick stand out by toning down the eye makeup, go for a simple brush of mascara! Make sure to swipe all the red tones you find in the store before choosing the perfect one!


3. Plum

Plum is one of the lip colors that can only be worn by the brave. Wear it with pride by toning down your eye-makeup, or go bold with a cat-eye and plum lipstick for a moody winter-night look. Pair your lips with a full black outfit or nude ensemble for winter chic!

4. Purple

Purple comes in many different lip colors; lilac, fuchsia, grape, etc. Purple can be worn with a soft eye or bold eye. Wear your purple lipstick with the bravery one must have to wear such a bold colour. Team your lips with a soft outfit; ensuring it stands out! Purple lipstick is the perfect accessory for winter.


5. Maroon

Don’t be fooled; lip colors like maroon shouldn’t only be relegated to Fall. Maroon lips are perfect to bring a touch of warmth into your winter outfit. Perfectly match your maroon with black, nude, and white outfits—it’s a perfectly versatile colour that suits a variety of skin tones and occasions.

6. Nude

Everyone should have a nude lipstick. It’s one of the lip colors every makeup artist wears and recommends. Even the most fashion-courageous among us cannot go wrong with a nude-toned lipstick. Nude lipsticks go with everything. Wearing a soft lipstick is the perfect opportunity to go bold with your eye makeup. Choose to wear a cat-eye, fake lashes, or smokey eye.


7. Orange

It may seem odd, but orange lip colors are the perfect way to stand out in a crowd of blue and black-clad individuals. Those with warm-toned skin look gorgeous in an orange lipstick, particularly when no one else is. Pair with any eye looks you desire; no one can question you with a lip that bold!


8. Blue

Blue lip colors may seem an obvious choice in a time that is surrounded with blue moods, blue icicles, and blue snowflakes; but blue is a standout color for lipstick.

Pair a blue lip with any look, and soften by dabbing over your nude lipstick. Choose a dark, almost black toned blue for a moody introduction if you’re too scared to jump into the real thing, or embrace a cold blue with a dramatic eye—embracing it like the queen you are!


Are there any lip colors you love to wear during winter? Let us know!

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