5 Of The Best Hairstyles For Any Uni Student

We have compiled a list of the best hairstyles that would work for any university student! Looks cute on long, medium, or short hair lengths!

As a uni student, you don’t have that much time to look your best… I get it! I usually walk up to uni in sweat pants and a jumper. Between running to classes a bit late, to an all-nighter study for a test the next day, I get you! All uni students are crammed with work and you want that extra 5 minutes sleep. Well I have 5 of the best hairstyles for any uni student!

1. The Ariana Grande

I always recommend a shower the night before and drying and curling your hair so when you wake up in the morning you don’t have much to do and feel rushed. They key is to slightly curl your hair and sleep on it, then when you wake up in the morning, you will have nice soft curls! Do the Ariana Grande, and put one half up and the other down. This makes it look like you’ve put in a lot of work, when really you didn’t. You can even dress comfy and still look stylish. Put on a pair of jeans and a jumper and out the door you go!


2. The Messy Bun

I can’t stress enough how much I love a good messy bun. They look stylish, and in trend. A good messy bun is all in the hands, you have to articulate the way your hair moves through the hair tie to master the messy bun, I’m still not there yet, but I sure will be soon. Put your messy bun up high or on the side, both give you a nice look! Pair with simple makeup, and you are ready for your first lecture!

3. Space Bunnies

I absolutely love space buns – especially paired with the right outfit and a simple makeup look. Doing two quick space buns at a time, leaving some hair hanging down creates such a cute look, especially if you have curly hair!

4. Simple ponytail..but with a twist

I love a good simple ponytail. However, if you want to take it a step further with your ponytail, take a small section from underneath the ponytail, plait it, and wrap it around the hair tie concealing the hair tie. Its not much, but definitely one of the best hairstyles any uni student in a rush.


5. Plait Style

Now, doing the same thing as the Ariana Grande style, curl your hair before bed, this way you will wake up with soft curls. Then, plait the top section of your hair to create a nice plaited ponytail! This is my classic go to look especially for uni, because its such an elegant look, and looks like you really took the time!



Well that is my 5 best hairstyles for any uni student. I really love all 5 of these looks and constantly mix up between them. If you have any suggestions as to what you wear to uni, I would love to know!

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