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The 10 Best Gold Coast Vegan Restaurants

The 10 Best Gold Coast Vegan Restaurants

These gold coast vegan restaurants can make anyone's mouth water. Offering some of the best vegan dishes with a friendly environment, they're worth going!

Veganism is definitely becoming more popular and with that comes more places to eat. As a vegan, it’s so nice to sit in a restaurant where you can eat everything or most things on the menu without questioning what is in it. These gold coast vegan restaurants all feature amazing and creative meals that will leave your mouth watering and would even be approved of by an omnivore. Some may be vegetarian, however, a great range of vegan foods is still provided!

1. Greenhouse Canteen And Bar

Located in Miami, with a recent opening in Coolangatta as well, Greenhouse Canteen and Bar is an all vegan restaurant. With greenery surrounding the interior, it provides a relaxed and social environment to hang with friends. You could enjoy some cheesy vegan nachos paired with a vegan espresso martini.


2. Mandala & Co

Mandala & Co. offers a unique space which feels very homely. Not only is it a restaurant, but also a live music venue, an art gallery, a movie theatre, a performance space, a permaculture garden and more. With a completely vegan menu, this is one of the best gold coast vegan restaurants!

3. Lord of the Fries

Brand new to the Gold Coast, Lord of the Fries in Surfers Paradise is the meat free and ethical equivalent of fast food. Although vegetarian, there are plenty of great vegan options available including hotdogs, burgers, nuggets and of course fries. They even offer vegan milkshakes. Even better – it’s open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.


4. Easy House

This vegetarian Chinese restaurant also has a great range of vegan options. They use fresh and chemical free food and also have a lot of traditional Chinese meals with meat substitutes. There’s even a great range of vegan desserts including deep-fried ice cream.

5. Govindas

Displayed as a buffet style, this vegetarian restaurant has a great selection of vegan food. You can choose your serving size and take away ingredient options that are also available. From fresh salads to kofta balls and curry, this restaurant will definitely hit the spot.


6. The Cardamom Pod

Although a vegetarian restaurant, there are plenty of vegan meals. The place has a relaxed and comfortable vibe and also offers a buffet style presentation. Choose whichever selection of healthy plant based food you would like.

7. Giri Kana Café

This café does breakfast, lunch and dinner. With both vegetarian and vegan meals, it is very popular amongst the Gold Coast locals. Their burgers and kofta pocket is a major hit.


8. Feed the Earthlings

This 100% vegan takeaway place will leave you forgetting about McDonalds. Choose from mouth watering burgers, hot dogs, pizza, churros and milkshakes. Who said you had to miss out on the great things being vegan? Due to its yummy treats, this is definitely one of the best golf coast vegan restaurants!


9. Kuan Yin Teahouse

This Taiwanese vegetarian/vegan restaurant has many tasty meat substitutes for you to enjoy. It includes cheap, veggie filled meal combos for everyone to enjoy. The owner, Thomas Lin is a devout Buddhist and has been vegetarian for 18 years.


10. Elixiba

Elixiba is a plant based restaurant which offers meals infused with rare botanical’s. Their cocktails and non-alcoholic elixirs are stunning. One of the most unique golf coast vegan restaurants!

What are some of your favorite gold coast vegan restaurants? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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