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15 Places To Find The Best Burgers In Adelaide

15 Places To Find The Best Burgers In Adelaide

Everyone craves a juicy burger now and then.Regardless of what you’re after, these 15 top spots for the best burgers in Adelaide will fix that craving.

Everyone craves a good, juicy burger now and then. While the classic beef burger with salad, mustard and tomato sauce has stood the test of time, you can now get something a bit different as well – think Camembert cheese, black buns, low-carb buns and smoked bacon! Regardless of what you’re after, one of these 15 top spots for the best burgers in Adelaide will fix that craving:

1. Fancy Burger, Synagogue Place (off Rundle Street):

One of my favourite for an inexpensive but delicious burger, this Fancy Burger is also very cozy and has private ‘rooms’ out the back for a cute date night. The Biggy Burger has South Aussie beef, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, a free range egg, beetroot, and herb mayo; plus, they also have great veggie burgers!


2. Grill’d Rundle Street:

A bit more hipster, Grill’d has both juicy burgers and health-conscious options like a low-carb bun, zucchini chips, and salads. But perhaps the best is their Crispy Bacon & Cheese burger with lean beef, crispy bacon, tasty cheese, salad, relish and herb mayo. Delicious and not overpriced.

3. Cooper’s Burger Shack + Coffee Central, Rundle Mall:

If you love coffee, beer and burgers, this is the place for you. In the middle of the Mall (literally) sits Cooper’s Burger Shack + Coffee Central, a cozy café with great booze-themed burgers. The Pale Ale Cheeseburger has a Wagyu beef patty, American mustard, tomato sauce, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and pickle served on Brioche bun.


4. The Moseley Bar and Kitchen, Moseley Square Glenelg:

If you want to ‘go out’ for dinner but still have an awesome burger, the Moseley Burger features a wagyu patty, Barossa bacon, tomato relish, aged cheddar and chips. Plus, the beach-side setting doesn’t hurt!

5. The Curious Squire, O’Connell St, North Adelaide:

A cool restaurant/bar with craft beers and American-style food, The Curious Squire gets busy but is worth it. The Mother Clucker burger has Southern-fried chicken, guacamole, American cheddar cheese, bacon, chipotle mayonnaise, veggies and pickles.


6. Burger Republic, King William Rd, Unley:

With takeaway and dine in, Burger Republic has a huge variety of options. For something different (and Instagrammable), try the Samurai Burger: served on a black bun and featuring soy-glazed beef, kimchi, coriander, Kewpie mayo, and special spices.

7. Nordburger, Norwood:

Casual and inexpensive, Nordburger is perfect when you just want a good, hearty burger. The Royale has double beef, double cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and their special NORD Sauce.

8. Cheeseburger, Hindley Street, Adelaide:

Simple, delicious and in night-life central Hindley Street, Cheeseburger delivers. Classic burgers made with fresh ingredients, plus their point of difference: a variety of cheese. Try the cheeseburger with Dutch cheese!

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9. Burganomix, Colley Terrace, Glenelg:

A small, casual diner in Glenelg, Burganomix is one of the best for a local burger fix. Try the Wild Western burger with beef, onion rings, crispy pancetta, cheese, avocado, lettuce and hollandaise sauce.

10. TGI Friday’s, Westfrield Marion:

All-American diner TGI Friday’s is well-known. It’s a fun, casual place to grab a burger after shopping or before a movie. The Tennessee BBQ pulled pork ‘sandwich’ (it’s a burger, I swear!) features slow-cooked pork tossed in their special BBQ sauce with frizzled onions, pickles, aioli and house-made slaw.


11. Burger Theory, Hub Central, Adelaide University:

A Uni-student favourite, Burger Theory started as a food truck and now has three central locations, including a cleverly-placed stall at Adelaide Uni. The Taters Gonna Tate burger features beef patty with cheese, shredded beef bourguignon, pickled red onion and tater tots.

12. The Hackney Hotel, Hackney Rd, Hackney:

The Hackney specializes in next-level pub food, and makes a great burger. The beef and double bacon burger has house made beef patty, Barossa Valley smoked bacon, American cheddar, tomato, mixed leaves, garlic aioli, and steakhouse chips.


13. Carl’s Jr Dutton Road, Mount Barker:

Well-known in America and just arrived in Adelaide is Carl’s Jnr, famous for both it’s burgers and that Paris Hilton TV ad. Their signature is the Original Thickburger, with a chargrilled Angus Beef patty, melted American cheese, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard, mayo and ketchup on a fresh bun.

14. 127 Days, Days Road Croydon Park:

A cool, funky café with great food, 127 Days is inexpensive but good value. They offer a daily ‘speakeasy’ option that’s always different – one example was the “ExSpeck the UnexSpeckted!” burger with Angus Beef Wrapped in smoked speck with Provolone cheese, rocket, aioli and Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce – plus classic options like the Old Fashioned Angus beef burger.

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15. Barry’s Burgers, Semaphore Road, Semaphore:

Whether dine-in or takeaway (eat it on the beach!), Barry’s Burgers are definitely juicy. Try something a little bit fancy with the Camemburger, featuring grass-fed beef and Camembert cheese, or stick with the classic Baz beef burger.

If you’re craving a burger in Adelaide, you won’t have to go far. There are new burger joints popping up all the time, and each one offers something a bit different. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vego, a health-freak or after a real indulgence, you’ll find the perfect burger at one of these 15 local spots!

Where else can you find best burgers in Adelaide? Let us know down below!
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