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10 Best Adelaide Bars That You Need To Visit

10 Best Adelaide Bars That You Need To Visit

Adelaide has remarkable bars that are unforgettable. Here is a list of 10 of the best Adelaide bar you should visit.

1. Hennessy Bar

This newly opened bar has the perfect glass-topped alfresco terrace, dressed in lights. Hennessy bar offers an immaculate list of South Australian wine beer and spirits. A great feature for this impressional bar is the house cocktails. Grab a couple of girlfriends and head on out to the Hennessy bar.

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2. 2KW

2KW is the hottest rooftop bar in Adelaide. This decadent bar is perfect for all occasions. A special event, anniversary or date will be blown away by the views that 2KW overlooks. 2KW provides amazing views of Saint Peters cathedral, gardens, Adelaide Oval and lots more. 2KW has an amazing selection of food to choose from, from the classic pizza to a several course sit down dinner, this place will have you never wanting to leave.

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3. Maybe Mae

Maybe Mae located on Peel street. With the Timber Art deco to the great long list of cocktail an the sweet tunes of music, this is the perfect way to end your Friday night. They won SA cocktail bar of the year in the recent Australian Bartender Awards. They also own the Bread and Bone restaurant directly above.

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4. The Gallery

Another great rooftop bar is The Gallery. I always hype this place up because it is the perfect little bar for an amazing night out. The warm air again your skin, the perfect glass of wine in hand. Its the most relaxing, jazzy style bar in Adelaide.

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5. Bank Street Social

Bank street social is known well for there SA named products such as The Hills which features the Mount Barker Chorizo. Not only do they provide a seasonal changing menu they also have a amazing selection of SA craft beer and cider along side Australian whiskey and gin. Friday and Saturday nights are perfect to catch up with friends while listening to the hottest DJ in town


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6. Clever Little Tailor

Clever Little Tailor is a beautiful bar. They have an amazing collection or alcohol including a night tasting menu. Clever little Tailor is perfect for a night out with friends, family or a date. This will end your night in perfection and have memories to last a life time. How could you not consider this one of the best Adelaide bars?

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7. The Propaganda Club

This classy low lounge bar will amaze you beyond your classiest dreams. Slip in to a booth, grab a couple of drinks and enjoy a relaxed evening fill with talk and wine. You will never want to leave this place with closing time at 6AM!


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8. Holey Moley Golf Club

Lets get ready to rumble! This place is outstanding. Filled with the craziest mini golf, put your best foot forward and gear up for an 18 hole tee off. Before teeing off, grab yourself a couple of drinks and prepare for battle against your friends in the most intense but highly anticipated round of mini golf.

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9. Midnight Spaghetti

This place provides all the good! Prefer sitting inside or outside? It doesn’t matter, this place has both. The balcony provide the perfect setting for the perfect spaghetti. The beautiful atmosphere and the music will kick start you night off, for more of an amazing night to come.Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.12.37 PM

10. Mr Goodbar

This perfect spot for a classy night. This 1980s style with blow your mind! This place is the perfect little cocktail bar, with a brilliant view down Adelaide’s east end and the sweet tunes of the cool music to whisk you away in to blissful night. This really is one of the best Adelaide bars out there.

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