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20 Beauty Tips All Lazy Girls Will Approve Of

20 Beauty Tips All Lazy Girls Will Approve Of

These are the essential beauty tips and tricks you need for your face, hair, and more to get your makeup routine done quickly and efficiently!

Not all of us are Chloe Morello’s or Jaclyn Hill’s – the perfect glam can be tricky and time consuming. As can taming your hair or doing your nails. Putting everything together can take a lot of effort and we’re not always up for it. These beauty tips are perfect to use if you’re in a lazy mood. All 20 have been tested and approved by me and truthfully work!

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1. Use scotch tape for the perfect eyeshadow

Take a piece of scotch tape about the size of you pinkie finger and stick it from the outer corner of your eye to where your eyebrow ends (or whichever angle you desire). When you’ve finished apply your eyeshadow, peel the tape off and you’ll be left with a clean line. If there happens to be a smudge, just cover it with some concealer. Definitely one of the most helpful beauty tips for a winged eye look!


These are some of the best beauty tips you need for a fast makeup routine!

2. Clean everything up with Q-Tips

Q-Tips are one of the best tools when doing makeup. They can be used to clean up and perfect a makeup look. Use them to clean up around your eyebrows and smudge eyeshadow. If you accidentally get mascara in an unwanted area, let it dry and wipe it off with a Q-Tip.

3. Put Liquid Latex around your nails for a clean application

Apply a layer of liquid latex around your nails. Paint your nails as normal, without worrying about going out of line. When you’re done peel off the latex for a perfect and clean nail.

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 4. Use eyeshadow to make your hair appear thicker

Find an eyeshadow colour similar to your hair and lightly dust it into any scarce patches of hair or along any prominent part lines. This will make your hair appear thicker, definitely one of the best beauty tips for thin haired girls!

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 5. Fix split ends with hair oil

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a haircut and you have a bunch of split ends, hair oil can help nourish those ends again and make the split ends appear less severe. Find one that works for you and put it on your ends when needed.

 6. Spot conceal instead of applying a full face of foundation

If you don’t have time to put foundation on but there are still some spots annoying you, just spot conceal. Lightly pat on a concealer or foundation, the same colour as your skin, over the spots concerning you. Blend it in properly and the blemishes will be gone.

 7. Wear a hat to hide dirty hair

Wearing a hat is one of the easiest ways to solve your dirty hair problem. Whether it be a cap or a sun hat, anything will disguise your unwashed locks.

These are some of the best beauty tips you need for a fast makeup routine!Recreate The Look:

 8. Turn a glossy lipstick into a matte lipstick with translucent powder

Here’s one of the best beauty tips! Hold a tissue over your lips and then lightly dust over it with some translucent powder. This will turn your glossy lip into a flawless matte!

 9. Moisturize in your sleep

Fix those cracked heels overnight with one of these awesome beauty tips! Put a moisturizer on your feet before bed, and then put socks on. Sleep in them so when you remove them in the morning your feet will be smooth.

These are some of the best beauty tips you need for a fast makeup routine!Recreate The Look:

 10. If you have absolutely no time for makeup, just put on lipstick

Out of all your features, a bright lip will make you look most awake and fresh. If you’re really in a hurry, this is easy to put on in the car or in an elevator.

11. Use a leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. It also doubles up as a great de-tangler.

12. Keep face wipes on your bedside table

One of the most helpful beauty tips I have for you is, no matter how lazy you are, do NOT sleep in your makeup. If you really can’t be bothered by getting up to take it off, have some makeup wipes on your bedside table so you can take it off in bed.

13. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a life saver. Within a few sprays it will take your hair from dirty to fresh and clean.

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14. Use a makeup sponge for an ombre nail

Those white, triangular makeup sponges make an excellent nail tool. Paint a range of nail colours onto a sponge and dab it onto your nail for an instant ombre effect.

15. Use an old toothbrush to tame fly-aways

Spray hairspray onto an old toothbrush and run it along any little fly-aways you have sticking up. This will ensure they stay stuck down all day.

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16. Just use highlighter for a healthy glow

If you’re going without foundation but still want a little something on your face, apply a bit of highlight to your cheek bones and nose. This will give you a healthy glow!

 17. Hairspray bobby pins for an extra grip

To make sure your bobby pins stay in place, spray them with hairspray before pinning them. Also make sure the smooth side is facing up!

18. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush

Lipstick applies much nicer on smooth lips. Gently rub an old toothbrush over your lips to get rid of any dead skin. Definitely one of the valuable beauty tips you need in your routine!

19. Use a nude eyeliner to appear more awake

Line your bottom waterline with a nude eyeliner. This will make your eyes appear bigger and make you look more awake.

These are some of the best beauty tips you need for a fast makeup routine!

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20. Use coconut oil to remove makeup

If you’re out of makeup wipes and have some coconut oil handy, it makes a great and natural makeup remover. Rub it into your face and then gently wipe it off with a towel.

What are some of your best beauty tips? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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