10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Adelaide Before You Die

Adelaide is full of bountiful scenery and gorgeous views. Here are the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Adelaide you should see before you die!

Adelaide is full of hidden treasures; the scenery is bountiful and the views are many. Here are a list of the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Adelaide which you need to see before you die. If you get to see them all, you won’t be disappointed!

1) Second Valley

Fancy some cliff diving or just a nice swim in the crystal clear water? Look no further than Second Valley. With this picturesque location, only an hour away from the city of Adelaide, it’s definitely a must see place.


2) Mount Lofty Botanical Garden

Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens are a great place to relax, go for a walk, or have a nice picnic. With walking trails, trees all around, and the sounds of nature and the lake, you’ll love walking through this small paradise.

3) The Barossa Valley

The Barossa has world-renowned wine, food, and incredible scenery to offer. No matter where in the Barossa you look, the scene is filled with lush greenery, grape vines, and beautiful skies.


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4) Port Willunga Beach

Port Willunga Beach is one of the most unique places to visit in Adelaide. With small caves all around the beach, you’ll be able to sit down in one of them, watch the waves roll in to shore, and really take in the natural beauty.


5) Kuitpo Forest

Trees, trees, and more trees. The evergreen trees are all lined up in rows, which creates a stunning spectacle. If you go camping in the area, you’ll be greeted with wildlife, have great views all around, and feel as if you are one with nature. (Kuitpo Forest has really great walking trails, too!)

6) The Coorong/National Park

This one is a little bit of a drive away, but if you’re up for an adventure, then it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Adelaide for you. The Coorong is one of South Australia’s most known beaches, and it is renowned for its crystal clear water, white sand, and beautiful landscape. It’s a two hour drive away, so grab your best buddies and call it a road trip because this is definitely a place worth checking out!


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7) Hahndorf

The historic German town in Adelaide. The best time of year to visit Hahndorf is in autumn, when the streets are filled with orange and red tree tops, the leaves falling to create a stunning path for you to walk on. This little town is beautiful all year round, and you will never be disappointed with the views and the delicious German food on offer.


8) Himeji Gardens

This little sanctuary is on South Terrace in the Adelaide CBD. This Japanese garden will give you a taste of a different culture and you’re sure to be left walking away with feelings of zen. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see some beautiful orange Koi fish swimming around.


9) Morialta Falls (Conservation Park)

Take a hike on some beautiful walking trails only 30 minutes out of the Adelaide CBD. See some of Adelaide’s natural landscape, with waterfalls and greenery everywhere you look. You won’t be disappointed.

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10) Mount Osmond

Mount Osmond allows you to look out at the entirety of Adelaide. Only a 20 minute drive from the CBD, this is one of the places to visit in Adelaide that has so much to offer. The best time to go is either early in the morning for sunrise, when you can watch the city wake up, or at night time, when the city is illuminated completely.

Whether you’re from South Australia or taking a trip there, these are must-see places to visit in Adelaide before you die! Trust me, these are views you’ll remember forever.
Featured image source: weheartit.com
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