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10 Australian Snacks That Are Out Of This World

10 Australian Snacks That Are Out Of This World

Australia is home to many great things, but their snacks are truly one of a kind! Check out this list of 10 Australian snacks that are out of this world!

Let’s talk about snacks. But not just any snacks. Australian snacks. You know, if you’re a fellow Australian, that there are just some Aussie snack foods that other countries just cannot hold a candle to. And so, to help educate the world on what Australians already know to be true, here are 10 Aussie snacks that are out of this world!

1. Tim Tams

I’m starting this list off with a classic. Tim Tam’s are so gosh darn good, that people worldwide know of their delicious legacy. A chocolatey, thickly coated biscuit, sometimes with a filling, that is often the first thing Aussie’s who live out of the country will ask their mums to send over in a care package. You know why? You just can’t get that sort of heavenly, melted snap anywhere else!

2. Fairy Bread

If you’re an Aussie adult, you’ll remember these as being the best part of your sixth birthday party, along with your Women’s Day Magazine birthday cake. But just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the pleasure of a piece of white bread, butter spread nice and even, with a generous application of sprinkles on top. This is a snack that will forever be an Aussie icon, forever in our hearts, and sometimes our stomachs.


3. BBQ Shapes

Now, as far as Shapes go, the top three flavours have to be Chicken Crimpies, Pizza and… BBQ. Don’t fight me on this, because it’s a fact. As a checkout chick, I know from experience that these are always the flavour most sold out of all the flavours. And with good reason! They’re crunchy, they are coated in an excellent dusting of spices which I wish came in a packet of its own, and they, well, they just make you happy to see in the shopping cart. Truly an icon.

4. FruChocs

God bless the Menz company for making my favourite chocolate covered apricot bites! Purely South Australian owned and operated, FruChocs have been a favourite, not just in SA, but as far as Australian snacks go, for a while. They’re the perfect snack to take along to the movies, as a party snack, or just to throw back while Netflix-ing. Tangy, sweet and altogether heavenly little balls of bliss, this is an Australian snack to get behind!

5. Sausage Sizzle

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a sausage sizzle, hot from the grill, sprinkled with fried onions and drizzled with tomato sauce (free of charge, or else no good) and perhaps mustard, if you’re feeling adventurous (also free of charge). Americans will call it a hot dog on a piece of bread. Australians call it art. A delicious piece of Australian culture, ready to be absolutely demolished. *kisses fingers like an Italian chef


6. Milo

Milo is a malty, chocolaty snack that can be ingested in multiple ways. First, you want to start by buying the 1kg tin, because the smaller tins wouldn’t even last you an hour, not when we put the ‘milo teaspoon’ measurement into consideration. Next, Milo is taken most popularly as a milky drink, made by stirring a few ‘milo teaspoons’ into a cup of milk and drunk either warm or cold. Or, you could sprinkle it on top of ice cream and other desserts. Super versatile; super delicious.

7. Arnott’s Mint Slice

Arnott’s is a brand that has been owning the Australian snacks scene for a long time, which is why their Mint Slices have made it onto this list. These crispy, minty, chocolatey covered rounds of heaven are the perfect snack for those late night cravings when you don’t know what you want. But then you spy these bad boys, and blamo; your late night snack game just got a little bit interesting. It’s kind of hard to feel guilty after smashing a whole packet of these because they’re just so refreshing! How do they do that??


8. Scotch Fingers

Scotch fingers are the most perfect of our Australian snacks for when you’re after just a simple biscuit to have with your tea or coffee. But they’re not something you can just find in any store in the world. Shortbread biscuits are for the British, cookies for the Americans. Scotch fingers are for Aussies. They’re special. Different. Don’t ask me how; you just have to have one to be in the know.

9. TV Malt Snacks

If you’re an Aussie who never had a box of TV Malt Snacks… are you okay? While the original TV Snacks are nice, they’re nothing compared to their malt-flavoured sister. Again, I’m talking about a chocolate covered biscuit which seems to be a theme here. But they are crispy and oh so satisfying! And they’re so easy to pop into your mouth, so by the time you’re reaching in and discovering there are no more because you’ve absolutely smashed them, you’re scandalised at how quick that was! This is how good they are, people.


10. Caramello Koalas

If we start on a classic, we should end on a classic. Caramello Koalas are the epitome of Australian snacks, especially on the chocolate front. Shaped like a fun and kool koala, and filled with caramel, you cannot go wrong with one of these treats! Give one to a child, and they’ll enjoy it. Give one to an adult, and you’ll have made their whole day. And, you can only get them in Australia! So if you’re overseas, you might want to make a few Aussie friends to get your claws around these delights!

Are any of these Australian snacks your number one go-to snack? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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