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An Open Love Letter To Adelaide

An Open Love Letter To Adelaide

Adelaide is a beautiful city to live in. Here is why I love Adelaide so much. Check out the best things to do in Adelaide in this letter. Thanks Adelaide.

Here is an open letter to Adelaide!

Dear Adelaide

Adelaide, what a beautiful city you are. You provide us with a loving home, amazing events and beautiful sights. The thousands of amazing restaurants and bars that give us so much enjoyment for a night or two. The amazing clubs, and the sweet coffee shops to recover in. Adelaide prides itself on a surrounding community, lending a helping hand whenever it is needed. I have been living in Adelaide for only eleven years and yet I call it home from day one. Never have a lived in a place where people are so kind, the city is so beautiful and the sights are breathtaking.


There is always a chance for the ladies of Adelaide to dress up. Whether its a night out at a bar, club, restaurant or an event, there is always a party in Adelaide. Adelaide Fashion Festival has just been and gone, however thousands attended the many runway shows. Adelaide Fashion Festival or better known, AFF, is getting better and bigger each and every year. With more ladies and gents attending, soon people will be flying all over the world to see these amazing shows. The racing will be starting soon, so again the ladies can put on their fascinators and heels are attend the races. There just some events to name a few!


The Nightlife

The nightlife is like no other, from the cobbled stone walkways to the Rundle Malls Balls. With the bars on Peel street, to The London on North Terrace. There is always a place for everyone, making everyone feel at home here. Whether it be Pizzateca in McLaren Vale, or 2KW, in the city, everyone who visits will always have a home here. A night in the newly improved casino, or in a bar with a few friends. When in Adelaide you are guaranteed a great night in the city! There are even hotels close by and in walking distance from some bars and clubs, so you can get to sleep safely.


Not only do you provide the best bars, it provides the beautiful sights and forests. Theres nothing quite like taking a hike up Waterfall Gully or a picnic in the Botanical Gardens. These are just two places that beautiful you provide. In the autumn when the leaves are falling and changing to different colours, it is beautiful to sit underneath them in the botanical gardens. It’s almost a waterfall of orange and yellow, and personally my favourite time of year. I go every year to the Botanical Gardens to have a picnic and see the outstanding colours of trees.

So, dearest Adelaide. Thank you for being a home to me and millions of others. For providing us with amazing events to dress up to, or the amazing sights to see. The bars, club and restaurants that you have, to have us an amazing night out with friends and family. I can say with confidence that whenever anyone comes to you, they leave with memories of the amazing things they saw, and the experience of the nights, and that is always a home to come back too.


With Love,



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