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20 Amazing Hairstyles For Ombre Hair

20 Amazing Hairstyles For Ombre Hair

Ombre hair gives you a lot of possibilities to work with when it comes to cute hairstyles. Here are 20 amazing hairstyles for ombre hair to try!

I am sure you could turn to almost any girl near you right now and ask them to describe the fashion trend of ombré and they would likely succeed. It is a style that has been around for a number of years now and, unlike a lot of trends, this one does not seem to be dying down (pardon the pun) any time soon. The word itself is borrowed from the French word which means shading. Generally, when talking about hair, Ombré is darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter from around the mid-shaft of the hair to the ends. There are many different hairstyles out there, but just which ones are ideal for the ombré style? Let’s find out!

1. Straight

Now, of course, we are going to start with your stock-standard style to show off your ombré colour. Straightening your hair allows the gorgeous shades to really shine and you will undoubtedly get comments on your new ‘do.

2. Beach Waves

This style is one step up from the blunt straight look. Beach waves are a great way of adding some texture to your hair and further removing the subtle line between the dark and lighter shades towards the mid-shafts.


3. Curls

For a more formal look, try some tight curls. Easily achievable with a straightener of curling iron, the curls are an easy style for classy nights out.

4. Low Ponytail

For those days when you just want to throw your hair out of your face and get down to you study or work, a low pony is ideal. Part your hair down the middle and tie your hair at the base of your neck.

5. High Ponytail

A ‘dressier’ alternative to the low pony is this high option. Sleek your hair upwards and make sure you pull all your hair tightly into the band for a flawless finish.

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6. Bun

If you’re not feeling a ponytail, try a messy bun for a change! This ‘do shows off your ombré by placing the lighter ends directly next to the natural roots and is a fantastic style for those busy days!

7. Ballet Braid Bun

If you have a little more time on your hands, why not try a braided ballet bun? This style requires a little more patience but is a great way to show off your hair in a cute, subtle way. Plus, it’s off your face, so what’s not to like?

8. French Braid

If you’re struggling to master the braided bun, why not take it back a step and try the famous French braid. This is one of the easier braids and can be finished in either a loose, more relaxed way, or in a tight, sleeked-back look.


9. Pigtail Braids

Once you’ve got a hang of the single braid, take it up a notch and try the double trouble. These pigtails braids are very trendy at the moment, and are the perfect look for school or even the gym.

10. Crown Braid

A crown braid is the ideal hairstyle for weddings or those classier events. What’s more, is that, like the bun, your ombré is accentuated by placing the lighter ends beside the roots.

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11. Space Buns

Space buns are always fun, but this is even more true when ombré hair is involved. Why not challenge yourself a little more by adding some cute braids under the buns?!


12. Half Up/ Half Down

This style is ideal for ombré hair. With the different tones moved upwards in the pony, the style brings attention to the beautiful colour change throughout your hair. This style can be done with either straight or curled hair, depending on the occasion.

13. Half Up/Half Down Braid

For an even more interesting take on the standard style, why not add in a loose braid down the centre of the hair. This style allows both the front and the back to have ‘pizzazz’.

14. Half Up/Half Down Fishtail Knot

This look would be perfect for a festival or a day out with the girls. Easily achievable and another style that allows your hair to stay out of your face so you can focus on the day ahead!


15. Blue

Why not try spicing up your style with a bit of colour? Blue ombré can work all year round, but particularly during the winter months. Starting in dark tones and working towards an almost pastel blue is most effective.

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16. Pink

If pink is more your style, you are sure to love this take on the standard ombré. This colour works no matter what the root colour is and looks great all year round!

17. Purple

This classy alternative is very popular right now. The soft purples work best for the ombré style. You start with a very dark root and transition to a deep grey, creating a soft look.

18. Grey

If you are wanting to go for something a little bit different, but bright colours seem a little out of your comfort zone, why not try a grey ombré? This style looks amazing when the roots are black or coloured dark grey. This allows the colour change to look less abrupt and ‘fake’.


19. Short

While getting your hair coloured, why not also get the chop? Ombré works just as effectively on short hair, although the colour will likely have to start higher up than with longer hair.

20. Reverse

Alternatively, if you are not feeling overly inspired by the 19 previous hairstyles, check out the reverse ombré! Starting from a blonde and moving down from the mid-lengths to the ends with a dark brown, is a trend that will leave you standing out from the crowd. Why not give it a go?

Ombré hair is one of those styles that comes with endless possibilities. Let me know if you think I have missed any styles that deserve to be on the list and I am interested to hear how many of you would try the reverse ombré look!

What is your favourite hairstyles for ombre hair!? Share in the comments below!

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